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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

Apartment manager tells tenants to lose guns or move out. Apartment board to manager: Uh, no, dummy…

Written By: Bob - Aug• 08•13

Sometimes a little embarrassment is all it takes to reverse the stupidity of some policies.

I’m not sure if they actually wanted to reverse the policy, but the number of lawyers leaping forward to file lawsuits pro bono probably scared the crap out the company, especially once they started doing the math on legal fees, and started considering what sort of target they would have made their renters.

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  1. Old Gringo says:

    Whether the crazy landlord, the drama llama mamma, or a wide-eyed babbling Nancy Pelosi, I wonder often how much Big Phama’s psychotropic drugs are responsible for the disintegration of American culture and values.

  2. Survival Skvez says:

    At what point does freedom conflict with discrimination?
    If I own a block of flats do I not have the right to make up arbitrary rules for the tenants, no chewing gum, no dogs, no guns?
    People have a rite to choose whether or not they rent my apartment. Smart tenants will realise that a block of flats that is a gun free zone is more likely to be burgled. So this landlord is more likely to get dumb naive tenants, but surely that’s his or her rite?

    • Real Deal says:

      And how pray tell would you actually enforce that policy without violating their 4th Amendment rights? I’ve know people with dogs and cats in a “pet free” apt. building, and people with large dogs in buildings with weight restrictions of 30lbs or less on pets. Do you really think they’d be able to enforce something as easily hidden as handgun? You’d even be able to sneak a rifle in and out with relative ease as long as you have it covered and not out in the open. Never make a law or rule people won’t follow and you can’t realistically enforce and never give an order you know won’t be obeyed.

      • Survival Skvez says:

        The fourth amendment protects was supposed to protect the citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures by the government . It does not protect someone from my ability to search by own apartment (that I’m renting to them).
        Aside from that I can pass a rule without needing a way to regularly enforce it. I pass a no-dog rule I don’t need to check if you have a dog on a regular basis but if I find you have one I can kick you out for violation of the terms and conditions. Or if when you want to leave I find dog damage (even dog hair) I can keep your security deposit to “cover the repairs”. My apartment, my rules.

        “Never make a law or rule people won’t follow and you can’t realistically enforce”.
        Absolutely not! If you want power over people always make a rule that people won’t follow, then you ‘have them’ for breech any time you want something to hold over them. That’s how people in power grow their power. (I’m not saying this is a ‘good’ or ‘nice’ way to behave, just saying it’s a common policy of those in power). (What do you think the government is going to do with the digital data they are collecting on everyone right now? Some day they will data-mine it whenever they want to remove an opponent or detractor, you’ve done something illegal at some point in your life, there are so many laws we’re all bound to break one or two on occasion)

        You’ve probably never tried to collect back rent from some drunk low-life who thinks you’re imposing on their happiness for expecting to get paid the rent you’re due. I can see the desire by some landlords to know when they knock on a door demanding back rent that they’re not going to get shot. (I realise that it’s exactly these sort of tenants that would ignore the no-gun rule but I can see others desire to try and eliminate the risk).

  3. Peccable says:

    Survival Skvez, one does not try to collect such rent before a proper lesson is administered. One needs to have the full attention of the individual. Physical or psychic pain is an attention getter.

  4. Sharpshooter says:

    Most states real eastate laws ban landlords from prohibiting any LAWFUL behavior.

    The property management would likely be looking at a sizable discrimination suit, which in many places (like here in AZ) calls for triple damages.

    What’s more, Douglas County is one of the most conservative (not social conservative) counties in the US and recently elected a conservative school board, which let the teachers union contract expire then didn’t renew it. Hence, Douglas County schools do NOT have a teachers union in place. In short, the management company was going to LOSE AND LOSE BIG in a lawsuit.