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Drama llama mamma blogger more likely a serial liar than a victim of some Walmart Bubba

Written By: Bob - Aug• 05•13

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Katie Vyktoriah has made some waves among the leftist media, claiming a stereotypical “Bubba” accosted her son in Walmart. As a result, every simpleton activist on the planet has rallied around her “traumatic experience.”

Out of nowhere a big booming voice rang out. “THAT’S a BOY?!” The man was overly large with a bushy beard and a camouflage shirt with the arms cut off. He had tattered shorts and lace up work boots with no laces. I could smell the fug of cigarette smoke surrounding him, and there was a definite pong of beer on him.

“Yes,” I said simply, still smiling.

With no notice, the man stepped forward, grabbed the headband off of Dexter’s head and threw it to the bottom of our shopping cart. He then cuffed Dexter around the side of his head (not hard, but that is not the point) and said with a big laugh, “You’ll thank me later, little man!”

At the same time as I stepped forward, Dexter grabbed his head where the man had smacked him and threw his other hand forward, stomping his foot and shouting, “NO!” I got between my son and this man and said very firmly, “If you touch my son again, I will cut your damn hands off.”

The guy snarled at me, looked at Dexter with disgust and said, “Your son is a fucking faggot.” He then started sauntering out, but not before he threw over his shoulder, “He’ll get shot for it one day.”

It’s horrible, community fiction-writing workshop dialogue, and in no way believable to anyone with even a slightly discerning ear.

It therefore comes as no shock that Katie seems to be a B.S. artist.

Katie, a blogger with kids who apparently suffers from Munchausen-by-drama, has had a crazy life. Sounding like the first 30 minutes of any “Final Destination” film combined with a Lifetime movie, she claims her existence has been peppered with near death experiences – by trainwreck, plane crash, almost being in NYC during 9/11 – and also claims to be a victim of a kidnapping.

Curiously, Katie seems to have no interest in getting any security video Walmart may have, and is running away from getting the cops involved. It looks like a woman with a history of storytelling might have finally told a whopper too big to get away from.

It will be interesting if Walmart decides to come out with the store security tapes on their own to salvage their reputation.

My expectation? I’m guessing that Katie never even went to Walmart at all.

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  1. Orion says:

    I believe her.

    See, I used to be a liberal. I loved the theater. I was nineteen years old when the musical Cats came to our town. I couldn’t wait to see it. After the show I was asked if I wanted to go meet some of the performers backstage. Man, I was thrilled. But when I got back there, they were drunk and out of control. Rumpus Cat and Macavity kept feeling up my leg. I tried to leave, but, Rumpleteazer held me down, and… I was raped by Mr. Mistoffelees.

    Horrible things happen…I can still smell the patchouli…


  2. rumcrook™ says:

    leftards constantly produce thug boogymen from the right out of thin air. over and over again, from fake racial attacks, to fake anti gay attacks they constantly make up these whoppers then on closer inspection everything falls apart and the “evidence” was usually manufactured by them and the police have to charge them.

  3. Old Gringo says:

    “Bein’ crazy used to count for somethin’. Now, everybody’s crazy.”……..Charles Manson.

  4. Mr Wolf, non-ESQ says:

    Sounds/looks like its time for her to check the tires under the house, hitch ‘er up, and move on down the road…

  5. Larry says:

    I’m getting really sick and tired of these self important mommies. This story is obvious bullsh*t. Laughable. Hope this is the last mail in the coffin for this turd.

  6. Richard Blaine says:

    Accepting that she was even shopping in a Wal-mart in the first place require a full suspension of dis-belief.

  7. I’m guessing what REALLY went down is some guy did a double-take, and asked if that was a boy or a girl. She told him that he was a boy, and they guy just shook his head, said “Whatever”, and walked off. . . .

    • Rob Crawford says:

      Except, as I understand it, she’d say the kid was a “girl”. Because, in a desperate plea for attention, she dresses her son as a girl and says it’s his choice.

  8. Steve Skubinna says:

    It fits the narrative. This is how progs know camo wearing Wal-Mart goons act. Whether it actually happened or not is irrelevant, the story is about placing a cultural marker and establishing one’s bona fides.

    How did this HuffPo grizzly mom intend to cut off the hulking camo wearing homophobe’s hands, by the way? My guess is she would have snatched the guy’s own Rambo knife out of the sheath. Those guys all love their Rambo knives.

  9. emdfl says:

    I doubt if she could spell Walmart or find one without a dictionary, Mapquest, and a GPS.

  10. thebronze says:

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    A Mother Thing is currently experiencing an overwhelming level of traffic and has shut down the servers. I have put the site in maintenance mode for a little while so that I can get it back up and running..

    I wonder why!! LOL!!!!!!!

  11. PubliusII says:

    I suspected as much. Typical leftie lie to support the narrative.