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Establishing a Neighborhood Protection Plan (NPP)

Written By: Bob - Aug• 01•13


I’ve been writing a series of articles at Ammoland in recent weeks about some of the ideas in A Failure of Civility. My most recent one is Before SHTF Establish a Neighborhood Protection Plan.

I’ve read a number of prepping/survival books over the years. Most have good and sometimes great ideas. For my personal situation, however, A Failure of Civility is the best I’ve read for my situation. My neighbors have copies of the book, and we’re on our way towards being educated enough to start our own Neighborhood Protection Plan (NPP).

Considering the nation’s untenable economic situation, and the sun’s recent history of throwing out X-class solar flares that could fry most of our electronics if we catch them head-on, I think getting an NPP squared away just makes sense.

They’ve got both Kindle and print versions, but since my Kindle could get barbequed in an EMP or simply run out of juice if power is down for an extended period of time, I tend to favor the print versions of important books, despite the extra cost.

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  1. Jeff Hoser says:


    I’m convinced “Civility” – if one accepts my definition of civility as “being neighborly” ( i.e. caring for those in your community) – pretty much vanished as the underlying thrust of “Great Society” pogroms became deeply rooted in our culture. This isn’t a “racist” POV . Government deliberately worked overtime to destroy the concept of the extended family of all races/ethnicities in a community working together to fulfill the primary function of a “family” – rearing succeeding generations. >MW

  2. obsidian says:

    Better do it unarmed. The first thing the Authorities will do is disarm or destroy the armed populations. Declaring all armed neighborhoods terrorist areas.
    No the Government doesn’t give a rats derriere about our neighborhoods safety and protection.

  3. Catseye says:

    The two previous posts are not entirely unrelated the point being that the Government, all governments in fact, dislike competition and will seek to destroy what the perceive to be competition at every opportunity by any means necessary. Hence my comment about waiting until after the SHTF event before instituting defensive plans. Wait until the Government can’t or doesn’t have the resources to interfere.
    Also as an aside if we do have something like a Carrington event books will become objects of trade, remember there will be no entertainment except what you can make. So reading will become a great way to pick up information. Or simply take your mind off your problems for a while.

  4. Comrade X says:

    Very good book, a how to book for when not if civilization goes out the window and we are all on our on.

    Loners may (but when you are alone who will know or care if you make it or not?) make it in the woods but in a suburb, town or city your only chance will be with the help of others. One or two people will have a hard time standing up to the gangs or a mob.

    Become a gray man and a gray community, blend in, and like a rattler strike if they get too close, that way you don’t get treaded on. Be like your flag, this book tells you how to set it up so your odds improve on making it out to the other side!

    Maybe you don’t make it but as for me I would rather go down fighting, standing for what I believe in which is liberty BTW than living like a slave.

    There will be only two choices IMHO my friends!


    Death before slavery!