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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

If you had a son, would he look like Shaaliver Douse, Mr. President?

Written By: Bob - Aug• 05•13

Shaaliver Douse was a predator and died as one, bleeding out from a well-earned bullet to the jaw that ripped open his jugular. Douse was shot by a cop as Douse was attempting to murder a man for the second time this year.

This is the gun that he used in his second—and final—attempted murder.

Shaaliver Douse's gun, freshly decorated with his own bodily fluids.

Shaaliver Douse’s gun, decorated with his own bodily fluids.

While a NYPD officer’s bullet to the head was the direct cause of his death, the indirect cause of his death was just as important. Just 14 years old, Shaaliver Douse, was an alleged gang-banger out at 3:00 AM attempting to murder a member of a rival gang when he ran into a pair of NYPD officers and fired his gun again, for the final time.

I’m waiting for Barack Obama to tell us whether it was Shaaliver Douse or the other thug he was chasing that looked more like his son. The fact remains that both young criminals are a result of the culture excused and encouraged by the sort of social destruction created by 50 years of the progressive “Great Society.”

Douse’s family, of course, denies any sort of responsibility for his actions:

Despite this show of evidence, his family has denied that the 14-year-old boy was involved in gangs and said the NYPD is trying to whitewash the killing.
‘They’re making it all up. There was no gun. It’s all a cover-up. It’s what the police do. They kill us and cover it up,’ the boy’s aunt Quwana Barcene told the Post.

‘It’s not fair. It was my sister’s only child. You shouldn’t have to bury your child. My beautiful nephew got shot in the head. A mother of one now has to bury her only child.’

Aunt Quwana is full of crap, but what do you expect from a 35-year-old who is herself a drain on society, including her assured voting for Democrats, if she votes at all.

She knows Shaaliver Douse was arrested for attempting a similar murder in May, but that he was let back out when no witnesses would testify. It’s simply not part of their culture to put criminals like Shaaliver Douse behind bars, nor to admit fault when they earn the bullet that kills them.

It’s ingrained among the thug class to blame others for everything in order to justify what they take.

We see it in Trayvon Martin’s family, and we see it in Shaaliver Douse’s family, and deeply ingrained in the “urban culture” glorified by gang-bangers and fatherless children who demand “respect” for lives of illiteracy, criminality, and violence. This is what 50 years of “community organizing” hath wrought.

Congratulations, Mr. President.


He looks like another one of yours.

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  1. Old Gringo says:

    For me, as to the African American mindset, I look to the quote by Jack Nicholson in the film “As Good As It Gets” when asked by a young woman how he captures the essence of women so well when writing romance novels. His reply…..
    “I think of a man. Then I take away reason and accountability.”

  2. EmptyJay says:

    Aunt Quwana isn’t a 35-year old sophomore, she said her nephew is a sophomore.

    “…her nephew — who she said was a sophomore…”

  3. Anon says:

    Key phrases: “14 year old” (prohibited for owning or purchasing handgun in NY), “3:00 AM” (why not be under the covers, young man? Where was his mother? Or father?), “attmpted a similar murder in May”, “gang member”.

    This kid was truly a F***ing menace to society and we’re well rid of him.

  4. louielouie says:

    this is one of the most honest postings bob has made.
    the only disagreement i have with the posting, is i think bob went waaay to easy on all parties involved.
    especially, an nypd officer “hitting” anything.
    i’m just curious, that officer’s service weapon didn’t have a high capacity mag did it?

    • Drew says:

      that an NYPD officer hit what he was aiming at is more like it, that’s usually the safest place to be with those idiots.

      • Petercat says:

        One to the head…
        Out of how many rounds fired?
        At what range?

        It took the Boston police about 200 rounds to take down one Islamic bomber…
        Oh, wait, he was run over and killed by his brother.
        Yet the NY government will only allow it’s serfs seven rounds to deal with what will probably be multiple attackers?

  5. Dan says:

    reminds me of the idiot woman O’Reilly had on from Chicago. the one that said the black murder rate was so high because the cops were responsible for most of the killings.

    • Rob Crawford says:

      That’s no run-of-the-mill idiot, she’s a politician. State-level, I believe.

      That kind of rhetoric is what preceded the Cincinnati riots in 2001. I hate to think it’s a common belief in the inner-city.

    • Cole says:

      I’m not dismissing stupidity but a lot of these Chicago politicians are funded by the gangs. Some are former gangsters like Bobby Rush. There’s a lot of money and these gangs funnel it to their campaigns in exchange for the obvious. Like shifting blame for all the gang murders to the police. These elected scumbags aren’t targeting these gangs through law enforcement. The politicians have regular sit downs with the leaders of all the local gangs. They aren’t trying to get them to renounce their criminal ways. They go there hat in hand for more money. I imagine it’s a lot like the scene in Robocop 2. Just without the giant, junkie cyborg.

  6. thesouthwasrght says:

    imagine when this financial bubble implodes and all the freebies are dunzo. you will see then just how much good will all that stolen taxpayer loot purchased. hint: it ain’t much.

  7. Come on, Bob — it isn’t like the kid was doing something really awful like drinking a Big Gulp — he was just out trying to kill a fellow gang-banger. Maybe we need another impromptu press conference by Obama, explaining to us ordinary white people how this young man’s death resonates with him based upon his deprived upbringing up on the mean streets of Honolulu.

  8. Michael says:

    “35-year-old who is herself a drain on society”

    …Based on what?

    • Steve Skubinna says:

      How about on her spawning of thugs?

    • Jozan says:

      She was arrested in North Carolina in 1998 on charges of cocaine trafficking and sentenced to parenting classes and probation, law-enforcement sources said. Since then, Barcene has been arrested six more times, for trespassing, pot possession, reckless driving and unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle and assault in December.

      She’s a real peach.

      • Michael says:

        Where’d you find all that info?

      • Chuck says:

        Good ol’ prog-troll Michael, dumbfounded by the magic of the intarwebz. I’ll give you a hint: it starts with a “G” and rhymes with “oogle”. Or Bing. Take your pick or use the search engine of your choice. Or do you need someone to explain “search engine?”

  9. Azrael says:

    Only cowards and politicans hide behind children and teens or use them as human shields. When will the American people realize that using bodies of dead children to provoke an emotional response is just another red herring to distract them from their true agenda. IMHO I think you cease being innocent when you pick up a loaded firearm and point it at someone with the intent of killing / wounding them. Its sad that this young man was only 14 yes, but he was a dirtbag gang banger who was attempting to assassinate another rival gang member. America will continue to have to fight these issues until they quit glorifying crimminals, gangsters, drugs, and douchebags.

  10. Patrick says:

    Thank you for that no holds barred, full honesty post! This is what is!

  11. Old Gringo says:

    Ater reading all posts, for whatever reason, I found myself imagining all the people this boy would have maimed or killed had his life not been cut short. Good Trade.

  12. jonah says:

    How much $ are the taxpayers now going to have to pay to the grieving mother for the loss of her innocent child? (BAD COP!)

    • Petercat says:

      Well, when they get through screaming about those sarc/on “Cowardly cops who murdered a child who was holding an empty gun” sarc/off…
      Yeah, it was empty, slide locked back. Darned cops should have seen that and held their fire. sarc/off (and I mean it this time!)
      This is going to cost us a fortune!