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Is TrackingPoint giving up the story that they’re designing guns for civilians?

Written By: Bob - Aug• 08•13

Watch this video, where they are shooting from vehicles and around corners (because elk always shoot back), and tell me again how TrackingPoint is designed for long range civilian hunting, and not military applications.

Don’t get me wrong. I think the technology is fascinating. I just found it odd that they introduced themselves as a company building guns used to harvest game animals at extreme range, when the market for a $20,000+ hunting rifle and matched ammunition is extremely small. I’ll remain convinced this was always a weapon designed for the military from the ground up, and this newer video does nothing but solidify that view.

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  1. Comrade X says:

    Well who has 20k to spend on an optic answers that question.

    Death before slavery!

  2. Chris Watson says:

    Ummm, yeah, like I need to shoot deer from around a corner while they’re moving from 60’in the air.

  3. Dan Todd says:

    Much like AR-15’s, Saturday night specials, and large capacity magazines, the evil is not in device but the person pulling the trigger.

    This is great technology and may well eventually trickle down in an affordable way to civilian devices, like self-defense handguns. In the interim I am happy if our soldiers have more accurate and more reliable weapons in their arsenal. Now, how and when those are deployed may be a contentious issue and should be watched well.

  4. Orion says:

    Hey, the Constitution guarantees us the right to keep and arm bears and if those sodding bears are armed, I wanna be able to get the drop on them!!!


  5. John Bissell says:

    SOCOM has ordered 5,012 of these and Remington will market them to non-military so in short a lot of people will pay $20k for this system