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Metropolitan area shut down because of the threat posed by one man

Written By: Bob - Aug• 12•13

That is, if you define “metropolitan area” as “633 people in a cow-town in upstate New York.”

It appears that a guy took his mother and father-in-law hostage in Bovina, NY, before eventually letting them go. The suspect refused to come out of the home, causing them to roll everyone shy of the National Guard, and putting the entire town onĀ lockdown.

No official details have been released about the man or why he was being pursued. Residents and witnesses tell the Watershed Post that large numbers of law enforcement officials were visible on the ground and in helicopters in Bovina throughout the day today, and that drivers and residents were stopped and warned not to pick up hitchhikers. Roads remain closed near the house, according to the dispatchers.

At 2pm, the Delaware County Office of Emergency Management issued instructions to all Bovina residents via NY Alert to “remain indoors and lock all doors.”

Another NY-Alert was issued at at 2:26pm asking Bovina residents to remain inside until further notice.

The instructions to Bovina residents to remain indoors are still in effect as of 6:30pm this evening.

The suspect later committed suicide, allowing the 10th Mountain Division to stand down.

Keep it “Boston Strong,” folks.

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  1. Mark L says:

    Fergettabout it, Jake. It’s New York.

  2. Steven says:

    And the lockdown of a towns starts to become more and more common.

  3. Interesting. Are these “lockdowns” mandatory? If so, what does that mean? I live in a mountain west state, and we have forest fires every year somewhere in our state. At least once a year somewhere in the state there is a mandatory evacuation order. However, no government agency can actually force anyone to leave their property, and some people will not leave. So mandatory means that they come and give property owners the notification, and after that, if people decide to stay, the various agencies have no further obligation to protect them or their property. They will do so but not at the risk of firefighter lives.

    Since the law cannot detain innocent parties, I am guessing that mandat Roy lockdowns in New York would have a similar meaning.

  4. I detest autocorrect! In the last sentence “mandat Roy” should indeed be “mandatory.”

  5. Crustyrusty says:


    Literally a cow town :-)

    • Steve Skubinna says:

      I know what you mean. I kept asking myself “Is Bob joking? The town’s really named Bovina?”

  6. Patrick says:

    This kind of crap is what we get the more we “outsource” our personal safety to others assuming the Police will take care of you.

  7. 1idvet says:

    Culture of fear.
    Keep everyone in fear so that they can justify taking away more of our civil liberties.
    Balls. Grow them New York.