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PA woman leaves suspected felon a little tired.

Written By: Bob - Aug• 10•13

At first I thought it was crazy that a woman ran over a man with her car for merely walking down the street with a gun, but as if often the case, the devil is in the details:

The driver reportedly saw White walking down Main Street in Aliquippa carrying the pellet gun around 9 p.m. Thursday and called 911. She followed him for a couple blocks and when she noticed he was was walking in the direction of two teenagers, she rolled down her window and asked him to leave the kids alone.

‘She thought he was going to do something to them, so she yelled out of her car window, “Hey, they’re just kids, leave them alone,”‘ Sgt. Steven Roberts of the Aliquippa Police Department told KDKA.

‘He turned and pointed [the pellet gun] at her, and she thought it was a real weapon and that she was about to be shot or that the kids were in danger, so she gunned her car and struck him,’ he said.

Beaver County District Attorney Anthony Berosh said the woman won’t be charged with any crimes.

‘She had no duty to retreat,’ Berosh said. ‘You don’t have to wait to find out whether or not this is a real gun or not, and she was acting not only out of her own defense, but the defense of those two children.’

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  1. redc1c4 says:

    that’s the kind of neighbor i want…

    good for her!

  2. Don says:

    Dude sounds like a moron and the article sounds like battlefield preparation. “Even fake guns can get people killed”.

    The woman is pretty brave, if her story is true. The only reason to doubt it is the Lib Media’s obsession lately with guns, women, and children (crafting guns out of pop-tarts and paper, or even a couple of extended fingers). IMHO that is a healthy skepticism to have these days.

    All of that aside, if you point something that looks like a gun at another person, you are asking for the consequences that you receive.

  3. RR says:

    Of course, because he has brown skin (despite having the last name White), I’m sure this will be attributed to racism and engender more calls to repeal stand-your-ground laws. Even if the driver herself isn’t Caucasian, she’ll be labeled a “white-” so they can pin accusations of racism on her.

  4. Alabama Mike says:

    Unfortunately, the devil IS in the details, and if the details show a white woman driver (or white Hispanic, or white Chinese, or…) and the pellet gun guy was African American with slaves or not in his family background, even if his family were former slave owners or slavers themselves, the USSA regime will be along to hassle and eventually arrest the woman.

  5. Treker says:

    Yes he did look a little “run down” ( sorry)

  6. bgarrett says:

    All this is entirely depending on IF the woman is telling the truth. IF (the biggest word in the language) *IF* he really did point the gun at her

  7. DCP says:

    I love a story with a happy ending.


  8. david7134 says:

    The woman profiled the guy, stalked him and then initiated a conflict. My, God, she should be put in jail for 20 years. Then we need to begin making cars illegal. Imagine the lives that could be saved.

  9. DAN III says:

    Hey folks….if you believe ANY of this “news” article well, I’ve got a bridge….

  10. Sharpshooter says:

    In my day we were taught to avoid giving suggestion of threatening behavior; today it’s “how to game the system”.

    Lesson: Don’t bring a pellet gun to a demolition derby.

  11. Real Deal says:

    I wonder if Baltimore will boycott PA now…