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Sorry, Mr. Holder: Gun group donates $12K to Zimmerman’s security after AG puts a hold on his gun as evidence

Written By: Bob - Aug• 06•13

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Eric Holder’s Justice Department put a punitive hold on the gun Zimmerman used to defend himself against a murderous Trayvon Martin, apparently attempting to make Zimmerman a “soft target.”

Yeah… how’s that working out for you, Eric?

The Attorney General was perhaps unaware of the FN Five-seveN Zimmerman had purchased when Holder’s buddies in the New Black Panthers had put a price on his head, and the fact that that gun and it’s 3-20 round magazines were returned to Zimmerman, and was the gun a TX law enforcement officer asked Zimmerman to place in his glove box during a traffic stop near Dallas, TX.

Now we have word that the Buckeye Firearms Association raised $12,150.37 to help George Zimmerman acquire firearms and other security measures, and that Zimmerman has received the funds. The BFA received a letter from Mark O’Mara on behalf of Zimmerman thanking them for their donation.

Sometimes, the good guys get the support they need, even when the corrupt power of government is aligned against them.

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  1. louielouie says:

    why not mention the dns attack that took down both websites and communication systems of buckeye after this announcement?

  2. Greg B says:

    Take that USAG.
    Frikkin racist POS.

  3. Tucker says:

    I would almost guarantee that the overwhelming majority of that $12k was donated by White European men and women. By ‘conservative’ White men and women.

    I point this out for a reason. At the present time, the Democrats and the treasonous RINO rats in the GOP are pulling every trick in the book to try to pass amnesty, which will include giving those amnestied the right to import their entire family trees into America. With citizenship, every single one of these illegal aliens and their relatives (who are mostly Hispanic) are going to become permanent, life-time Democrat voters. We’re talking anywhere from between 50 and 100 or more million Hispanics being allowed to flood into what were once the native, historic homelands of White European Americans -whose 100 percent White European ancestors founded this nation.

    This will result in a one party Democrat/Communist dictatorship and the GOP will cease to exist as a viable party, at the national level initially, but as the Democrats spread these new Hispanics out into formerly Red States and GOP districts in order to dilute and eventually destroy the GOP’s ability to win even local elections – within a decade, the GOP will not be able to win an election anywhere in the nation.

    Hispanics, by every significant poll taken, are overwhelmingly categorized as enemies of the Second Amendment, as is the Democrat Party they will be loyal to. Even the Gun Owners of America has put out several email alerts that have acknowledged the anti-Gun attitude of these people who will get amnesty.

    That means, that the White men and women who donated money to help George Zimmerman provide for his self-defense – along with every other Second Amendment supporter who is a member of the White conservative base – are going to eventually be subjected to a scenario by which millions of non-European people, who’s ancestors played zero role in founding, taming, or creating this nation or who had no role in the creation of the US Constitution or Bill of Rights – are going to be in position to dictate to the White minority what rights and freedoms they are going to be permitted to enjoy or keep.

    George Zimmerman might be a friend to the Second Amendment, but the reality of the situation is that the vast and overwhelming majority of his fellow Hispanics – who, might I point out, refused to come to his aid and who refused to defend him during his recent ordeal – are not. And, you can take this to the bank: If and when, Hispanics take over America and become the majority and dominating ethnic group – they are not going to allow the gringos to hang on to their firearms. In Mexico, and in every other Hispanic dominant nation in the Southern hemisphere – there is no such thing as The Second Amendment. The ‘peons’ in those nations are not allowed to possess firearms. This is why the Bolshevik Communists who control the Democrat Party are salivating so profusely over the idea of adding 100 million or more Hispanics to their voting constituencies, folks. And, these RINOs are working for the Democrats from inside the GOP.

    There is one and only one way out of this mess, at least as far as White European men and women of the pro-Constitution, pro-Second Amendment variety are concerned. This nation has to collapse and we have to carve out a piece of strategically defensible and resource rich territory somewhere on the North American continent and form an exclusively White Ethnostate – one where we can secure complete and unchallenged control over our destiny and over our sacred and inalienable rights.

    Never in world history has any multicultural, multi-racial society been successful, not over the long term. Even the corrupt leaders of European nations (Merkel, Cameron, former rat Sarkozy) have been forced to admit this truthful fact of life. This has been a left wing, Cultual Marxist social engineering experiment that has one objective in mind – the deliberate destruction of the historic White Western nations.

    Isn’t it an amazing coincidence that this was the same objective of the former USSR?

    What they failed to militarily, they have almost succeed in achieving via multiculturalism.

    Something to think about, friends. Time is short.

  4. Comrade X says:

    If George needs any nickle 7 ammo; I have plenty!

    Death before slavery!