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Range time this weekend

Written By: Bob - Sep• 25•13


It’s been too long, but I’ll be back on the line in Ramseur this weekend.

Anyone coming?

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  1. Chris says:

    I’ll be there Saturday. Had a 200, 204 and 206 last week in Charlotte. Getting close to that 210.

  2. My Oath Actually Means Something says:

    That furniture is SAHWEEEEEET! Gotta Get me some. Anybody have a website for it?

  3. They need instructor help at the Appleseed clinic in Wilmore, KY this weekend. The line is full. Maybe some of the Indiana contingent can help?

  4. thesouthwasrght says:

    lol beauty must lie in the eye of the beholder b/c about the only thing worse than wood on an ar15 is a tie w/ a short sleeve dress shirt. unconscionable, unforgivable, and definitely something gen patton would hold in the same regard as pearl grips

  5. Lurker DeLurked says:

    Hey Bob,
    I’ve been meaning to pop in to the comments and thank you for introducing me to Project Appleseed. I went to my first one a couple of weeks ago and I have to admit I am hooked. I’ve been getting the word out among my shooting friends and hopefully I can bring a group along to the next one.

    Thanks again!