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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

It’s showtime.

Written By: Bob - Oct• 01•13

Many (if not most) of you are familiar with Townhall and Hot Air. Well, they have a new Second Amendment site, called Bearing Arms.


Want to guess who the new editor is?

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  1. Jrr says:

    Saved from the perils of Govt shutdown by the writings of a patriot! Awesome news!

  2. Gunga says:

    Congratulations Bob!

  3. Gus Bailey says:

    Congrats! I’ll have to add to my daily favorites.

  4. Mike says:

    Awesome! Congrats!

  5. captainfish says:

    Congrats Bob and best of luck to you in this endeavor. I hope that you and your family are enriched by this opportunity.

  6. Jason says:


  7. RPL says:

    Outstanding news, and congratulations!

  8. juliesa says:

    Congrats! it looks like a terrific site. I’ll be a regular and frequent visitor.

  9. Grog says:

    Excellent! now there’s another voice of reality in the media. I don’t expect you’ll lose too many arguments, lol.

  10. Robert says:


  11. Critch says:

    Congratulations….I’ve already bookmarked it..

  12. OhioCoastie says:


  13. thebronze says:

    Congrats, Bob!! That’s awesome!

  14. Patrick says:

    Congrats! BA is one of my go to web site for 2nd Amendment info and newz. Good to know that rhey will jave some solid leadership at the helm.

  15. Cole says:


  16. Legal Alien says:

    Congrats Bob,
    Have been reading your blog posting on a regular basis and just read the announcement.
    Well deserved!!!

  17. Right_2_Bear says:

    WTG! Love the Logo.

  18. Real Deal says:


  19. idahobob says:

    Another site added to my daily read list.

    Congrats, Bob.


  20. D-lo says:

    congratulations Bob!

  21. rustbucket says:

    Outstanding, Bob! Already bookmarked to my favorites!

  22. Man-Bear-Pig says:

    That is awesome news Bob!

  23. guffaw says:

    Good for you!


  24. Comrade X says:


  25. gettimothy says:


    Got it bookmarked. May God bless you.

  26. rd says:

    Congratulations. I hope BA is very successful.
    I also hope you continue to post here.

    I saw your post on the Bearing Arms Ban Hammer. Please do use it liberally. I always read the comments to a post. Good commenters are a treasure. They bring add’l information, complementary and contrary opinions and add to the post. Frequent, repetitive, abusive, & trollish commenters and spam are enough to drive me away, like my ignoring Hot Air, even though I like Morrissey since his Captain’s Journal blog. My biggest dislike about Hot Air is the commenters, and BA is not any better.

  27. Right_2_Bear says:

    Bob, I’ve been enjoying the BA site – it is excellent! If I may add a constructive request? Please allow others to comment that are not Facebook users. That is all.

  28. Jane K. says:

    Bob, so happy for you!
    Have shared the BA link with several people, and added to my ‘favorites.’
    SOOO much to read, so little time.

  29. Sharpshooter says:

    I’m jealous! :-)

    No, really…it’ll be good to know that not every handgun is a Glock, and every long gun isn’t a fully automatic AR-15.

  30. notamobster says:

    That’s incredible!

  31. jeff says:

    Outstanding news, sir. Congratulations.

    Sorry about being late to the party. Linkage in blogroll forthcoming.