Bob Owens

The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

The more useless elements of the left are losing their minds

Written By: Bob - Oct• 20•13

Don’t you love it when elderly has-beens promote genocide, and marginal actors promote torture over divergent political views?

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  1. Mt Top Patriot says:

    they call the ar15 an assault weapon…
    like they call the tea party a domestic enemy…

    …because they are afraid these things will be used against them for the things they are doing to us…

    …rightfully so as that is as it should be…

    …they have gone too far…

    ..and the things they fear because it threatens their illegitimate power to rule over us…

    …will be used because with the power they abuse they have made peaceful redress impossible…

      • Mt Top Patriot says:

        whats the matter mr. troll, you afraid of people who will resist you and the tyranny you stand for by any means?

        afraid you are going to loose?

      • Michael says:

        I didn’t vote for President Obama either time, but I believe that you guys might try the electoral process before armed revolution. Remember that–whatever you say to the contrary–your situation is in no way like that of the founding fathers. You get to vote on who you want running the show. They didn’t. You just lost an election. Stop whining and win the next election.

      • Comrade X says:

        With your reasoning Michael therefore no one should have questioned the National Socialist German Workers Party due to their ballot box successes of 1933?

      • Mt Top Patriot says:

        I will never nor have any intentions of giving up on peaceful redress.

        The alternative is fraught with disaster, misery and death. It is apparent to me those in power posses a monopoly of force and violence upon which they have contingency to use violent suppression in order to protect their power.

        Violent redress is simmering just below the surface of this great Republic and only the foolish ignore things of such a magnitude.

        Lets have a conversation here about it.

        Maybe you can stop your whining for a moment, and explain to me how voting has worked out so far?

        If I may, not too well.

        What say you?

        I contend that effectively puts you and I in the same boat as our founders. They had no vote because of some tyrants and their tyranny in power denied them a voice and a vote.

        If there is truth in this, I say it is best to prepare for the worst and work to make the best recourse possible happen.

        It only takes a plurality to change the course of history.

        And please explain, what makes you afraid of having the obvious pointed out to you in regards to a ruling class whom will never allow, you or I, to have an effective unfettered honest voting process, were candidates who are honest, moral, and principled, may win?

        Nothing you can say to me will change these truths.

        But what you say and do about them can change the world in good ways.

        Is this not how reason and discourse, of our founders time, changed the world?

        Hint: The 5000 Year Leap

        The truth that those now in power will never and have every intention to prevent peaceful lawful redress to take place. Because simply, if allowed as our rule and color of law intended for you and I, this very thing of peaceful process represents an existential threat to their power.

        Please tell me about alternatives instead of being hateful.

        Please tell me how armed lawful redress as codified and sanctioned in both the Declaration of Independence and The US Constitution, was not, a successful course in our founders time, how it is not an alternative well worth discussing?

        What are you afraid of more?
        Loosing your current lifestyle?
        Or fighting for your Liberty if peaceful recourse is denied?

        I can tell you as an American I am not going to let others fight and die for my Liberty.

        It is a serious question you should answer.
        If not for anybody but yourself.

        To be quite frank, I don’t need an answer, I am prepared for what the answer to this is.

        I say lets Win!

      • Comrade X says:

        Michael, did you happen to be in San Diego recently?

      • louielouie says:

        it’s rather difficult to win an election, when hard left election officials enter the final vote tally from the keyboards of their computers.
        no votes for you in this county.
        no votes for you in this county either.
        you can only get 5% of the vote in philadelphia.
        that’s all?
        the war between the states would be a more fitting example. now that the takers out number the makers, it will be impossible to reverse the trend.
        cloward & piven had a son named michael, didn’t they?

      • Michael says:

        Holy toledo, what a lot of hot air! I hated Bush as much as anybody, but I knew that the polling place was where the problem was going to be solved. If the 2016 is cancelled, or if President Obama refuses to leave the White House in January 2017, I’ve got your back. Until then, however, you’re just dreaming about playing army.

      • Mt Top Patriot says:

        What is being done to our country Michael isn’t a game, and those doing it aren’t playing at it.
        They are playing for keeps.

        The illusion you have of voting your way out of the dire circumstances we face must be comforting.
        When the truth finally hits you, it will be to late for you to have my or any others back.

        Thanks for the kind thought though.

        I wish you well.

  2. Benjamin says:

    Celebrity collectivist maniacs? Same as ever, just more MSM. I worry more about the government collectivist maniacs and my neighbor collectivist maniacs.

  3. AT says:

    Who is Chris Noth??

  4. Critch says:

    Very few celebrities hae any real education or understanding of the real world. I’m not even sure that cher finished high school. Who’s elaine Lancaster?

  5. Critch says:

    Very few celebrities have any real education or understanding of the real world. I’m not even sure that cher finished high school. Who’s elaine Lancaster?

  6. Neo says:

    “God bless him, bless his heart, president of the United States — a total failure, losing all credibility with the American people on the economy, on the war, on energy, you name the subject,” Pelosi told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in an exclusive interview.

  7. Right_2_Bear says:

    OT.. I must say the “I Hate Glocks” Pt1 & Pt2 on Bearing Arms blog was about the funniest gun humor I’ve ever seen!

  8. Jeff Hoser says:

    re: Nothing here but since I don’t “do Facebook” I’ll put a missive here.

    Shot lots of woodchucks with a .22RF at 100 yds as a younker ! Also broke a lot of qt Bud bottles at 100+ yds with pistols. Even heeled rounds can be accurate ! Usually more so than the shooter ! IMO, most “accuracy problems” stem from three things: One; inconsistent bullet pull from the heeled round. Two; Due to long flight times, poor wind readings. Three; Poor chamber specs resulting in inconsistent bullet/bore axis alignment. >Jeff