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The SNAP backlash cometh

Written By: Bob - Oct• 29•13

Extra funding for the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, one of the most impactful elements of the 2009 economic stimulus, expires Friday, meaning poor families in all 50 states will immediately see steep cuts in government food aid.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 provided a 13.6 percent funding increase to SNAP recipients beginning in April 2009, money the bill’s backers said would make its way quickly into the economy. But that extra funding ends Nov. 1. Every one of the 48 million SNAP recipients will see their benefits cut in their next checks.

Obama put millions on welfare, and the government is now slashing their benefits.

Look for all kinds of crime to rise as people steal, cheat, and kill to feed their kids.

This is the America that socialism has made.

Prepare for the pain.

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  1. Stoutcat says:

    I have an idea: let’s put a cap on the kind of things these cards can buy: milk, bread, potatoes, fresh or frozen vegetables, peanut butter, flour, butter, etc. Less frozen pizza and sugary sodas and more healthy choices would be cheaper and far better for folks using food stamps.

    Hey, wait a minute, this looks like a job for Michelle Obama! Now if only she could get some legislation passed…

    • Rock says:

      First things first, before you limit EBT cards to purchases of “healthy” grocery items (that debate aside)…. First you have to eliminate the ability to use them at fast food restaurants. Places in Los Angeles that I know take EBT, it’s on the website: Pizza Hut, KFC, Wendy’s, Burger King, Subway, McDonald’s… yes, pretty much all of the fast food chains.

      Unfortunately, that will never happen. Fascism. These global corporate fast food chains will never get taken off the EBT program, too much money it it for them. Just like how Unemployment money in most all states now goes directly to one of the TBTF banks, in California its BofA. They hold your money for you in an account and issue you a debit card. BofA and Chase will never let those go, they make too much money off the Unemployment Funds getting circulated through their institutions.

      • Roy says:

        I have never seen a fast food resturant that takes food stamps. You can’t even buy cooked food at the store like a chicken

  2. Innocent Bystander says:

    Stoutcat, I couldn’t agree more, except for the flour, bread, potatoes, and peanut butter–too many carbs. Meat (chicken, fish, beef, pork), butter (real, not magarine), eggs, nuts (raw), seeds (raw), veggies (fresh or frozen), yogurt (plain), and whole milk are the ONLY products that should be purchaseable (and even those shouldn’t be if purchased off the sweat of others, but that’s another topic). NOTHING GRAIN BASED! Yeah, it seems paradoxical, but you’d see a lot of people drop a lot of useless lard and feel much better, AND need the medical establishment far less on this diet. I speak from personal experience. If anyone thinks the food pyramid is a good thing, ask yourself who publishes and promotes it? Big G, at the behest of its food lobbies that give big money to pols. If it’s such a healthy way to eat, why are more Americans sicker and fatter than ever?

  3. Comrade X says:

    Don’t panic; all you got to do is increase the activity that gets you the snaps by 13.6% to make up the difference:

  4. They’re looking at about a $10/person/month cut. I’m not sure this is going to send most folks over the edge.

    I’m not really down with SNAP providing high quality meals (fish, beef, nuts, etc.), but it shouldn’t be highly processed either.

    I tend towards old man Franklin where we make folks uncomfortable in their position of dependence. End SNAP in the current form. Allocate a quantity of butter, salt, sugar, rice and beans, per person per month, to be picked up every month. No beni’s to sell, no restrictions to enforce. This is not preferable to local church or civic organizations bearing this responsibility, but that’s another story.

    On a sorta-related note, my wife told me about a news story she read the other day. There’s been a string of break-ins round here to businesses where someone enters through an unlocked window (or otherwise enters with minimal damage) and steals food. They otherwise do minimal harm to the establishment. That’s sad to me. It seems that they loathe the fact that they have to do this to survive. But what about churches? Or soup kitchens? I dunno the answer to that, but the conditions surrounding the break-ins seem to imply that isn’t an option.

    We the People have failed the least in our society. That is apparent in that we’ve allowed .Gov to shoulder our burden of charity to the young, elderly and invalid. Until this role is taken back, this problem can’t be fixed.

  5. Right_2_Bear says:

    Benefits would not need to be “slashed” if Obama and company were not continually advertising for new SNAP recipients. They have made it a mission to sign up as many people to the program as possible and the rate of growth of this program during this administration is completely mind boggling.

  6. thesouthwasrght says:

    Cloward-Piven. Know them, understand them, and everything about this bunch becomes crystal clear.

  7. Survival Skvez says:

    Call this what it is.
    It’s not a “cut” in benefits, it reverting to a pre-boosted level of benefits.

  8. rasputin says:

    No, Bob, there will be no riots.

    I know it brings eye to your blog, but it is a lie.

  9. twolaneflash says:

    No, Mr. Owens, people don’t cheat, steal, and kill to feed their children. They do those things to feed their evil and destructive habits. People with children beg and and borrow, but seldom steal.

  10. dan says:

    Just less ebt cards for sale on Craig’s list.

  11. Mt Top Patriot says:

    The sons and daughters of Alynski are pulling the rug out from under the useful dupes they created.

    These folks thought they where getting something for nothing. They sold their dignity of Liberty and self determination to devils in disguise. There was always a price to be paid. Nothing is free in the land of obamunism. They are sacrificial pawns in the war on Liberty, even folks who truly needed a helping hand on hard times.

    This is the way of all things with our benevolent Amerikan Nomenklaturer class and it’s ruling elite.

    Alynski/cloven hoofed piven creatures are nothing if not cunning rulers. Create a socioeconomic calamity through a monstrous shell game, rob America of trillions of inherent intrinsic wealth, then put on an act as benevolent saviors in this shakedown of an entire nations prosperity, handing out a mere pittance of wealth stolen from the victims to begin with, indenturing them to the government plantation of servitude, and when the political timing is right, yank this source of basic necessary sustenance away.
    It is then that the bill for the evil benevolence of these spawn of Alynski comes due.

    The useful dupes of Lenin’s long march, will once again be played like a Stradivarius. The spawn of the Fabians will use this crisis as means to sic their horde of hungry serfs upon whats left of those who have not succumbed to their cunning ministrations.

    Oh ya, the dissimulation’s and blame game theater is about to jump to the next level. No straw-man or proxy deemed a threat to their power suitable for political annihilation will be spared.

    What better statist tactics of undermining your political and cultural enemies than sicking 45 million hungry people on them? Have them do your dirty work, whilst you prepare for the next step in destruction of civility and the social contract.

    This nothing less than a strategic attack upon the plurality of Americans who are not afraid, nor have bent a knee to the power of the tyrants behind this war of tyranny upon our Liberty.

    This pogrom upon the brave and the free. It will be an acid test of what and who we are, what we are made of.

    I believe a plurality of America can never be conquered.
    It is the way of God’s grace on thee.
    Of fortitude, and principles, of the dignity of Liberty.
    Of good ole never say die that runs in the veins of the plurality. Nothing will be easy or pleasant in redress of such tyranny.

    But it is a plurality of people who invest a great strategic advantage upon it’s enemy. It is the plurality, by the very nature of it’s existence, that is the existential enemy of tyranny.
    The people running our government are very fearful of the sovereign legitimate power inherent to such a body of American’s. Those after the power to rule with iron fists are afraid of what those among this plurality will do to them for what they are doing to American’s.
    It is by orders of magnitude, where the plurality is the greatest threat to the power of these traitors of our Liberty.

    That is readily apparent. Threats to this power of rule come from every quarter of the globe. Musloids, psychopaths with nuclear weapons, drug empires, economic war between nation states, axis’s of power among the old world.

    It is the grand tell of the grifter class elites, with the assistance of their executive branch sycophants, the one enemy they declare openly, who are the straw-men of divide and conquer strategy, which the stockpiles of materiel and the police state apparatus is gearing up to fight, are domestic enemies.

    You know.
    Tea Party terrorists, Libertarian’s, Free Stater’s, ex combat veterans, Libertarians, truth tellers, from Sarah Palin to Colonel West, true representative elected representatives such as Paul, Cruze, and Walker. Preppers, survivalists, members of the underground economy, bloggers, freedom activists and advocates of every strip, people of faith who cling to tradition and cherish their rifles.

    This is the enemy of the tyrants.

    • Michael says:

      Jesus Christ, you must be dazzled by your own bullshit! You never shut up, do you?

      • Mt Top Patriot says:

        Hi Mike!

        How are you today.
        Well I hope.

        Your comments have me wondering. You one of those trolls whose job is to scour the internet and write hateful comments in order to disrupt or attack viewpoints of people who write about the truth?

        Or are you nasty and hateful by nature?

        Not that I care about your hateful comments.
        That is all they are to me. Petty.

        It is good though to understand who are your brothers and who are less than honest or trustworthy.

        If you would care to converse in a civil manner and argue viewpoints, by all means lets do so.

        We may each discover something new.

        Hope your day brings you good fortune Mike.

  12. Jeff Hoser says:

    If your “pogram” to seize control of America needs an “excuse” how better to accomplish than to deprive the populace of food ? Particularly when they’ve become accustomed “buying the best” (as any supermarket shopper has witnessed!) on the taxpayer dime !

    True to marxist dogma, creating a milieu of discontent is the “sine qua non” and this Obama Administration has gone out of its way to create one ! Sadly the “party of opposition” has also drunk the Kool-aid offering little surceased for our current lemming-like march to the clifF !

    Y’all might want to remember this come election tuesday….. >Jeff

    • Mt Top Patriot says:

      Indeed! If you give it a good think, what are the vital necessities of our lives that our government directs it’s efforts towards obtaining control of.

      I liken it to the rule of three’s of basic survival:

      3 minutes without air
      3 hours without shelter
      3 days without water
      3 weeks without food

      Add in something about energy, vital to our way of life, and these are what those who are in power try to control.

  13. Neo says:

    For a lot of people on the dole, they just go up to the cashier and tally it up. The cashier then tells them how much it is over and the return enough to cover the overage.
    In other words, most of these folks have no idea how much they are really getting.

  14. Roy says:

    I see it’s mostly red states that use these anyway. The elections will be interesting in those states