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EBT user laments she won’t be able to buy exotic fresh fruits

Written By: Bob - Nov• 02•13

I’m trying real hard to find some sympathy here… and I got nothin’.

“It may not sound like a lot but to a person like me, it is,” says Annie Crisp, 30, a single mother of two girls in Lancaster, Ohio. “It’s not just a number.”

She says she received a little less than $550 a month in food stamps and now will receive $497. Crisp, a babysitter who brings home about $830 a month, says the food stamps help her buy her family fresh fruits, vegetables and meat.

Crisp worries now she may end up trying to supplement her family’s groceries by going to a food bank or cutting into her electric or gas money for the month. The cut, she says, also means she will have to buy more canned fruits and vegetables, foregoing her daughters’ favorite fruit, kiwi, and buying packaged meat.

Crisps’ family eats better than most people not on food stamps. I’m not remotely sorry that she’ll have to start eating frozen and canned vegetables, and choosing prepackaged meats instead of asking the butcher to cut her a stack of fresh inch-thick ribeyes.

Food stamps was not supposed to provide luxuries. It was supposed to keep families from starving.

Perhaps for the first time in their lives, EBT users might actually have to use their brains and shop intelligently and use coupons for the best food deals… just like those millions of hard-working taxpayers who pay for their food.

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  1. idahobob says:

    Ya know, sympathy is found in the dictionary, between syphilis and shit. Or, it can also be found at Suzies whorehouse.


  2. Chris Mallory says:

    Wait, kiwi fruit are often on sale 4/1.00. And are usually priced at under a dollar for one. Why would she have to cut them out in favor of canned fruit that costs just as much?

  3. hiswiserangel says:

    My family regularly eats canned fruits and veggies. We spend a good month in the fall canning them. Cost for non-GMO, high quality food that lasts all year? about $400 plus sweat equity. Knowing you’re in charge of your family’s food supply? Priceless.

  4. Spoutinghorn says:

    Why should I be forced to pay for her fruits and vegetables? I don’t ask any of you to pay for mine.

    If it were up to me, I would make EBT purchases only eligible for rice and beans. One could easily get all their necessary nutrition from rice and beans.

    • Mt Top Patriot says:

      That is just pure pitiful.
      Words can’t convey how disgusting ungrateful selfish behavior that is.

      I work my butt off for our food. Between garden, hunting, raising pigs turkeys and beef, processing, canning curing and smoking we save thousands.

      Rice and beans, what an excellent idea. Wasn’t it you could only purchase basic staples with food stamps?

      I love rice and beans. One of the best foods on earth. Cook some up over an open fire, mmmmn!

      Makes me think this is the kind of folks who is gong to blame everyone but themselves when the free stuff ends. Then they are going to steal AGAIN, six ways to sunday from those of us who worked for what we where “allowed” to keep.

      Boy I’m glad the government is here to save us.

    • John Cunningham says:

      Years ago, Bill Buckley suggested that instead of food stamps, the poor should get free supplies of fortified powdered milk and fortified flour. nothing else, but it would cover all nutrients, fat, and proteins.


      I was in line at a Walmart behind a fairly well-dressed young woman who segregated her groceries in two piles, one of which she paid for in cash. The other pile (1 item actually) which she paid for with an EBT card, was A CUT-UP APPLE (maybe 2 apples) in a prepackaged sealed plastic bag! My recollection is that the cut-up apple(s) had a price tag of more than $3. This is what our tax $$$$ (deficit hikes) are going for? Are people actually so stupid they (we) will pay that kind of money so they won’t have to take a bite out of a whole apple? More recently, I saw a decal on a Walmart gas pump in Cleveland TN that stated that Walmart now takes EBT cards for gas. WTF people? WTF…………..

  5. Buckeyecopperhead says:

    My question is, why is she a single mother with two kids? THIS is the problem.


      She is a single mother with two kids because Amerikaan society as a whole, (not including me OR my wife) pushed by the feminists, the bleeding hearts, the vote-hungry Ruling Class make divorce much too easy and, dare I say it, profitable given the level of welfare “support” available. Corporate chieftains also support it because when a family is split, they now need two complete homes, cars, and all associated paraphernalia that is part and parcel of modern Amerikaan life today.

  6. parker says:

    There are plenty of problems with this snap shot story of the plight of Annie Crisp. $497 a month can easily provide healthy meals for this family of 3 without giving up the occasional fresh fruits and vegetables as long mom watches ads and saves coupons. As mentioned, rice & beans are a great nutritious main course that can be made more flavorful with creativity and little expense. Meat can be consumed occasionaly if you buy things like chicken thighs and hamburger. Eggs and cheese are a cheap source of protein. Potatoes and pasta are a cheap sources of carbs and onions enhance almost anything. $497 does not allow for a nice juicy steaks, lobster, or a nice rack of lamb every week; but it would allow for a turkey that can feed the family for several days. There are so many ways to turn that $497 into nutrtious meals for 30 days. Crisp needs to get off her butt and start learning how to shop wisely, plan meals wisely, and google a few food blogs.

  7. Lazarus Long says:

    Along with her cooking lessons Ms. Crisp should also be learning about the constant inflation we are enduring. But that would require that she learn to read the unit pricing labels.

  8. Terri says:

    Those were my thoughts exactly. Thanks for writing it out, as I “let it pass” again. I think I’m getting tired.

  9. cmblake6 says:

    Shame about that stop pin on the gauge. My sympathy meter can’t go into the negative zone.

  10. grendel says:

    We’re a family of four, and i eat like hog. We eat really good food that my wife makes. Not much processed food, mostly from scratch, and better than restaurant. We spend500 a month on food. We could spend more, that’s just what it costs to eat like I want to. so I think it’s madness that ebt for 3 ever made it up to 550. At that level a woman with 2 girls almost has to be wasting money on purpose to spend it all I’m a month. That’s sick. And remind me why i pay her food bill so she can be a “babysitter” instead of get a job.

  11. twolaneflash says:

    This reminds me of when Lester Maddox was running for Governor of GA and was confronted by a hostile black man who berated Lester about how he couldn’t understand how white people could eat fried chicken while he could only afford to eat bologna. Lester said he couldn’t understand it either since chicken was 29 cents a pound while bologna was $1.89 a pound! LIVs (low-information voters), like their President, don’t do arithmetic.

    • cmblake6 says:

      Good question, isn’t it? Why do I drive a 22 yr old Ford Explorer when those sorts drive new to real close to new whatever-you-care-to-name?

  12. figment says:

    FSA lady should go to a farmer’s market for her exotic fresh fruits. Near closing time.

    Vendors don’t want to pack up the unsold stuff and will sell them cheap. And since the regime forced farmer’s markets to be outfitted with EBT compliant equipment, she’s all set to go.

    Or she could buy some seeds and grown her own damn fruit and vegetables, like the rest of us.

    • figment says:

      I forgot:

      the regime forced farmer’s markets to be outfitted with EBT compliant equipment, AT GREAT EXPENSE

  13. Comrade X says:

    Could it also be about more than just food?

    Craigslist makes turning food stamps into cash a SNAP…

  14. Neo says:

    The truth of this situation is that nobody went to the mat for SNAP. The Democrats wanted a clean CR when they ended the shutdown, and they got it.
    The SNAP funds lost were part of the “stimulus” ARA, not part of the CR, so these funds went down the toilet and nobody cared enough to remember them.
    The Spite House and Democratic caucuses only got around to making noises when it was too late. They didn’t bother to follow through after that.

    • twolaneflash says:

      Democrats let SNAP payments go down to inflame their base going into 2014. It will be the evil Republicans blamed for letting their Obama meal ticket get clipped. It was intentional, not accidental nor incidental.

  15. Mark1960 says:

    Where I live I see this all the time. Both my wife and I have ALWAYS worked, since we were 15. We are both now in our 50’s. We’ve never been on govt assistance, raised 2 kids and put them through college. Anyway, we continually see people standing in line, with way better foods than we buy, steaks, fresh fruits and veggies…then we watch them pay with their EBT. I cannot tell you how many times we have commented that those folks eat better than we do. It is hard to watch them spend our money to eat better than we do.

  16. creeper says:

    Nothing is more depressing than trudging through the supermarket with my calculator, trying to make sure I don’t go over my food budget, then arriving at the checkout counter with my cart full of mac and cheese and hamburger in time to see the woman in front of me paying for a prime rib, sheet cake and shrimp platter with an EBT card.

    I read this on another blog today. Hope the language doesn’t kick it out…

    “America has become the first country in the world where the elite work their asses off so that the underclass can lead a life of leisure.” h/t Heather Radish at AOSHQ

    • Right_2_Bear says:

      Agreed. I have seen similar. Usually someone with a cart bursting at the seams. Also I’ve seen people try and use 4 different SNAP cards for purchases.

  17. Chris says:

    My family of 4 does not spend $497 on food. we probably get by on $250 by shopping smart and forgoing things like “exotic” fruits and steak.