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Written By: Bob - Dec• 14•13

That there was a shooting at a high school just eight miles from Columbine yesterday was bad enough. That the Denver Post immediately began trying to whitewash the “outspoken Socialist” background of the shooter to protect their precious narrative is even worse.

When did Winston Smith become the managing editor there, anyway?


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  1. Gayle says:

    There’s screenshots of the original article floating around. I’ve got one downloaded to my desktop.

    Old media pwned.

  2. Pablo says:

    “Very Proud Of Being A Socialist”

    From the Captain Obvious file: “Because experts say the typical shooter will shoot until confronted by someone in position of authority, the Sheriff says he is convinced that it was the quick arrival of the deputy that caused Pierson to kill himself and prevented more carnage.” via TalkLeft

    Wayne LaPierre said it pithier, of course.

  3. CT96 says:

    “When did Winston Smith become the managing editor there, anyway?”

    Obvious answer: 1984