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Idiots: Everyone knows you use Instagram to plot domestic terrorism.

Written By: Bob - Feb• 22•14

These moron think that “op-sec” is a couple of aisles over from the Jim Beam:

Three Georgia men were charged in federal court this week with plotting an attack against the government designed to trigger martial law and encourage other militias to join their violent uprising.

Brian Edward Cannon, Cory Robert Williamson and Terry Eugene Peace participated in online chats last month about an operation they were planning against the government in February, according to federal prosecutors. Their discussions were reported to the FBI, which had two cooperating witnesses in the case.

Cannon told an FBI cooperating source on Feb. 8 that the group was planning to “start a fight” with the government by attacking power grids, transfer stations and water treatment facilities, which they hoped would trigger martial law, according to prosecutors. Cannon said he would invite the FBI’s source to a private Facebook group, where plans were being made, according to the government.

It’s a damn shame, really. These guys would have been great at minefield EOD with pogo sticks.


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