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It’s showtime.

Many (if not most) of you are familiar with Townhall and Hot Air. Well, they have a new Second Amendment site, called Bearing Arms. Want to guess who the new editor is?

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Reveal Fail

How do I put this? We’re looking to put some (actually pretty bitchin’) product improvements in place, and want to have them completed before the press release is, uh, released. It might be a week.

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Coming out soon

We’re veeeeery close to announcing my new gig, possibly tomorrow, or maybe Monday. This is good, because while I’m good at keeping other people’s secrets, I’m lousy at at keeping my own. Stay tuned! Update: The press release drops Monday.

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I’d crawl in a bunker until 2013 is over, but…

The past year of underemployment has been rough on my wife and kids, and so my beautiful bride cashed in on a customer appreciation day deal so that we could take the weekend to try and decompress at the nearby beach for what was essentially the cost of gas to get there and back. We […]

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It’s almost been a good day

Anti-gun Democrats were recalled in Colorado last night, despite a 6:1 spending advantage. We made some good progress at work, which brings me a little closer to being able to come “out.” I got to speak with some good men about some interesting topics. If it was any day other than the anniversary of a […]

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