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Sunday garden blogging: post-derecho edition

The 60-70 mph winds that came blasting through with last week’s derecho made the existence of our various crops quite “iffy” for a time, as everything that wasn’t protected from wind by the fence got flattened. I thought, “there goes the ‘three sisters’ garden,” but it actually pulled itself upright and grew tremendously. In fact, […]

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Sunday morning afternoon garden blogging: tater harvest edition

We planted four half-barrels of potatoes back in late March, with two buckets being purchased seed potatoes, and two buckets being planted with eyes from some “lost” potatoes that started growing in the pantry on their own. The plants finally pooped out in the first real summer heat we had a couple of weeks back, […]

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Sunday morning garden blogging: birthday HVAC and bonus hound edition

Yesterday we celebrated my beautiful bride’s 40th birthday with family and friends. We cooked and ate way too much food (we legitimately had enough leftovers to fill an entire standard-size fridge; don’t let me do food estimations for your potluck), and then tested the handyman skills of the assembled men when my daughter yelled, “Dad, […]

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Name that tree

Yesterday afternoon as I was cleaning up after the hounds in the far corner of the yard, I looked up and noticed a tree growing in the easement behind the house that appeared to be growing berries. It appears to be roughly 15′-20′ tall, rooted in very wet clay soil near where the storm drain […]

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Sunday morning garden blogging: dirty hoe edition

It’s not even June yet, but I’ve already been able to harvest a little bit of what we’ve planted, and it was delicious.

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