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Sunday morning garden blogging: birthday HVAC and bonus hound edition

Yesterday we celebrated my beautiful bride’s 40th birthday with family and friends. We cooked and ate way too much food (we legitimately had enough leftovers to fill an entire standard-size fridge; don’t let me do food estimations for your potluck), and then tested the handyman skills of the assembled men when my daughter yelled, “Dad, […]

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Hiring IT guys? I can help.

I’ve been in IT since 1995, starting out in tech support, then moving on to the wild early days of search engine optimization (SEO), and then I spent a dozen years as a technical writer and web developer. I think I squeezed in a little social media writing in here and there as well. Recently, […]

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Name that tree

Yesterday afternoon as I was cleaning up after the hounds in the far corner of the yard, I looked up and noticed a tree growing in the easement behind the house that appeared to be growing berries. It appears to be roughly 15′-20′ tall, rooted in very wet clay soil near where the storm drain […]

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When it rains…

At a certain point, you simply have to laugh. Sunday morning I stepped through the kitchen door into the garage, into a puddle of water. Our 7 year-old water heater decided to die, but thankfully, the corrosion came from near the top of the tank (where the copper tubing interfaces in the photo above), so […]

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Sunday morning garden blogging: dirty hoe edition

It’s not even June yet, but I’ve already been able to harvest a little bit of what we’ve planted, and it was delicious.

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