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Light hiker

I decided to see if I’d truly whipped the POTS I was diagnosed with late last summer with a little afternoon jaunt. You see, in August of last year, leaning against the wall was enough to send my pulse racing to 140 beats-per-minute and turn my legs into jelly. It also forced me to take […]

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Sunday morning: growing stuff

I never got very excited about gardening until this year, but it seems to have taken hold of me, which I’m sure is very exciting for all of you. The heirloom corn (Golden Cross Bantam Hybrid, for those of you keeping score with your fantasy gardening teams) that is the first part of my three […]

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So I don’t talk a great deal about my family on the blog—it’s not called for a reason—but I am actually a very happily married husband with two wonderful kids, and we do a lot of stuff together. For the past few years my wife has run our raised bed gardens, which consist of […]

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The Lord never gives you more than you can handle, but finding out that your wife’s truck needs a new transmission—when you’ve been unemployed for four months—stinks. It’s especially tough since I now need either a new brake control switch or transmission control module (or both) in my car. At the same time. I’m hoping […]

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FREE new gun blogger book: The Insanely Practical Guide to Gun Holsters

Tom McHale of My Gun Culture blog has just published his The Insanely Practical Guide to Gun Holsters. It is normally $9.99, but FREE on Amazon Kindle through the end of the day (March 14th) so download it now. I did. I’d also be a bad capitalist if I didn’t point out that my own […]

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