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I’m not dead yet

I’m a pretty rotten blog host. I picked up on that a little while ago when I got a “miss you” email from one of you guys, wishing me well on my future. Then I realized it has been almost a week since I’ve posted anything, which is close to being as long as I’ve […]

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Apparently, the catapult doesn’t have wi-fi.

I’ll likely be offline for several days next week for a National Geographic channel press junket. I’m just letting you know. And gloating. But just a little.

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Cool reviews coming up

I’ve unfortunately been a bad gunnie as I’ve focused a lot on the very important subject of the federal government’s perfidy, so I’ve let slip some reviews that I want to take tackle. Stacked up I have: Savage Model 10 Precision Carbine in .308 Winchester and Savage Mark II FV-SR in .22LR. I owe this […]

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Unintended Consequences

Back in January, a reader sent me a copy of Unintended Consequences by novelist and expert shooter John Ross. When I say “expert shooter,” I feel compelled to note Ross shoots at least 20,000 rounds a year in calibers starting with 4s and 5s in both rifles and pistols. He’s enough of an expert that […]

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FREE new gun blogger book: The Insanely Practical Guide to Gun Holsters

Tom McHale of My Gun Culture blog has just published his The Insanely Practical Guide to Gun Holsters. It is normally $9.99, but FREE on Amazon Kindle through the end of the day (March 14th) so download it now. I did. I’d also be a bad capitalist if I didn’t point out that my own […]

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