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NY Times smears Gingrich using junk science

Electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) events are poorly understood… especially by the unqualified hacks the New York Times uses in their attack on the GOP front-runner.

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Mexican cartels: Send lawyers, guns and money. Obama: Okay

Fed-up whistleblowers are coming forward with fresh revelations about the potentially criminal actions from the highest levels of the Department of Justice. If the thousands of weapons and hundreds of deaths attributed to Operation Fast and Furious weren’t damaging enough, we are now hearing that the DEA was laundering and transferring money for the cartels. […]

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Chest rigs review

My latest Shooting Illustrated gear review is up, and actually has been for a few days. SI had me review a quartet of chest rigs this time around. Chest rigs aren’t for everyone, but make sense if you shoot in carbine classes or want a nice way to carry a moderate load-out  for the zombie […]

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FBI informant led rip crew that murdered Border Patrol Agent

Read all about it in my latest Gunwalker exclusive at PJ Media. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed by a cartel rip crew that used government intelligence to plot an armed robbery. The robbery turned into a murder when the rip crew encountered the BORTAC unit  instead of the drug smugglers they expected to […]

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Defender and Desert Tracker body armor review

My latest Shooting Illustrated gear review is up. If you own a gun for self protection, why don’t you also have body armor? USPALM makes a darn good argument via their products that you should own both.

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