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NY thug tried to murder rival gang members, missed with every shot, got stomped to death for his trouble.

  Unlike fake-but-accurate Native American Iron Eyes Cody, I can’t even muster up a single tear. I will note the attempted murderer died after having various parts of his anatomy slammed against the concrete much as Miami-based thug Trayvon Martin attempted against George Zimmerman, before Zimmerman permanently ended Martin’s criminal career.

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Oakland violence a great reminder of why you need a Neighborhood Protection Plan

The more I look at the declining state of the nation, the more the cautionary ideas espoused in A Failure of Civility make sense. Far from the “head for the hills” mentality of some survivalists, Garand and Lawson push for sheltering in place as a community, establishing what they call “Neighborhood Protection Plans” (NPP) to […]

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Metropolitan area shut down because of the threat posed by one man

That is, if you define “metropolitan area” as “633 people in a cow-town in upstate New York.” It appears that a guy took his mother and father-in-law hostage in Bovina, NY, before eventually letting them go. The suspect refused to come out of the home, causing them to roll everyone shy of the National Guard, […]

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NYC’s Stop and Frisk deemed unconstitutional

There’s no doubt that the policy was used to target minorities, and little doubt that it was an abuse of power, even though it seemed to be somewhat effective. Frankly, I’m surprised it took this long to strike “stop and frisk” down: A U.S. District Court judge has ruled that New York’s controversial practice of […]

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PA woman leaves suspected felon a little tired.

At first I thought it was crazy that a woman ran over a man with her car for merely walking down the street with a gun, but as if often the case, the devil is in the details: The driver reportedly saw White walking down Main Street in Aliquippa carrying the pellet gun around 9 […]

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