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“Golf-finger?” VW fitted with machine guns used in attempted assassination of Czech fugitive in South Africa

“Q” equipped fictional British spy James Bond with some of the coolest gadgets ever to grace the silver screen, including an Aston Martin sports car with hidden machine guns.  He might have appreciated the work of an unknown assassin that attempted to carry out a hit in South Africa, using car filled with a dozen […]

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Zimmerman juror steps forward, into incoherency

Juror B29 from the Zimmerman trial has come forward to speak, and has given us a wonderful example of why we try cases upon facts, evidence, and the law, instead of emotion. “Maddy” says George Zimmerman “got away with murder,” but also that there never should have been charges filed, and that the prosecution’s case […]

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‘That meeting shouldn’t ever happen’ IRS Plot now DIRECTLY links to President Obama

The President’s defenders keep attempting to poo-poo the significance of the three-year ATF/EPA/FBI/IRS/OSHA, etc plot against Tea Party groups, first attempting to minimize it, then attempting to claim liberal groups were harassed as well, then spinning it as an isolated incident, without links to Washington. That final lie was destroyed when Obama political appointee IRS […]

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IRS “Tea Party Plot” leads directly to Obama political appointee William Wilkins

Peggy Noonan reports what the majority of the mainstream media is trying desperately to ignore: evidence of a direct link between the White House and the ATF/EPA/FBI/IRS/OSHA/etc. executive branch on conservative political groups more simply known as the “IRS plot.” It turns out that an Obama poltical appointee was directly in the loop: Michael Seto, […]

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Zimmerman’s justified use of lethal force

A lot of folks are still unclear on the legal justification for the  application of lethal force in George Zimmerman’s confrontation with Trayvon Martin, so I took at stab at explaining it in my most recent post at PJ Media. Some quibbled in the comments that Zimmerman may have technically been within his rights to […]

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