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Department of Justice establishes “snitch line” in hopes of finding an excuse to persecute George Zimmerman. But I have a better idea…

America’s “top law enforcement officer,” who is still in criminal contempt of Congress, has set up a “snitch line” for people to bring anonymous claims of bigotry and racism against George Zimmerman. Holder hopes to continuing to use our taxpayer dollars to torment judged not guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin, after Martin attempted to beat […]

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Interesting: Any civil case against Zimmerman could get very expensive for the plaintiff

The Crump-Jackson-Martin Lynch Mob may run a high risk of losing their proverbial “bloody shirt” if they attempt to sue George Zimmerman in civil court. According to Florida Statutes on Justifiable Use of Force, going after Zimmerman and failing could see them stuck with a sizable bill: 776.032 Immunity from criminal prosecution and civil action for […]

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A rifle for Zimmerman

I have a post coming to PJ Media either later today or tomorrow about the specific self-defense law case in State of Florida vs. Goerge Zimmerman, but for now, let us simply acknowledge that: the media and prosecution lied profusely about the actual facts of the case, and the law; easily-led, unsophisticated simpletons accept everything […]

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Jury finds George Zimmerman not guilty

Sadly, Twitter traffic suggests that those who should have learned the most from this trial, have learned nothing. There are no winners here. Both sides have lost so much. I’ll have more tomorrow. I’m praying for both families tonight.

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FL Prosecutor Angela Corey fires whistleblower in Zimmerman case

Spiteful and corrupt Florida prosecutor Angela Corey fired the man who tipped off authorities that the prosecutor’s office was withholding evidence in the case against George Zimmerman: State Attorney Angela Corey fired her office’s information technology director Friday after he testified last month about being concerned prosecutors did not turn over information to George Zimmerman’s […]

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