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This was the tweet address before he deleted it: Forensic pathologist Vincent Di Maio testified this morning in State of Florida versus George Zimmerman, and as the guy who literally wrote the book on gunshot wounds for his fellow forensic pathologist peers, Di Maio is likely the foremost expert in the world at his […]

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State rests in Florida vs. Zimmerman. Legal experts predict acquittal.

The state rested in their travesty of a second degree murder case against George Zimmerman on Friday, and while Mark O’Mara’s bid for an immediate bench acquittal by the judge was denied, legal experts are coming to the conclusion that an acquittal is just around the corner: ABC Chief Legal Affairs Anchor and Mediaite founder […]

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More deaths connected to Fast and Furious guns

Two more deaths and two more people were wounded with firearms provided to the Sinaloa drug cartel by the Obama Administration’s Operation Fast and Furious, including a Mexican police chief and his bodyguard: Another weapon lost in the Obama administration’s failed Fast and Furious gun-tracking operation has purportedly been traced to two more killings, including […]

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FL Prosecutor indicted for falsifying arrest warrant against George Zimmerman

And the absurd prosecution of Sanford, FL neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman becomes even more absurd, as we discover that the state’s politically-motivated prosecutor, Angela Corey, has just been indicted for falsifying the warrant: Angela Corey, Florida’s state attorney and the prosecutor against Zimmerman, has been indicted by a citizens’ grand jury for allegedly falsifying an […]

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Ignorant: U.K. Daily Mail encourages Sandy Hook Truthers with claim Adam Lanza used two pistols in school massacre

This sort of irresponsible conspiracy-mongering ticks me off: Gun obsessed Lanza killed 20 young children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, in December, last year. The 20-year-old first shot his mother Nancy four times in the head before the rampage began – the worst school killing in American history. Lanza […]

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