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The Doomsday Castle MacGuffin

National Geographic Channel’s new series Doomsday Castle kicks off tonight at 10:00 PM (ET) . It is a spin-off of the channel’s highest-rated series, Doomsday Preppers, which begins its 3rd season at 9:00 PM. There are going to be a lot of reviews of the show and the cast’s performance on this episode in particular, […]

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Bought and paid for: Trayvon Martin’s parents lie about the circumstances of his death in petition attacking “Stand Your Ground” laws

A reader forwarded along this email he got from Change.Org: Last year, our son Trayvon Martin was stalked, chased down and killed by George Zimmerman, and Zimmerman received no punishment whatsoever. That’s in large part because Florida is one of at least 21 states with some form of ‘Stand Your Ground’ law which enables people […]

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School district politely tells state AG to have carnal relations with himself; they’re preparing to arm teachers and staff

Clarksville Superintendent David Hopkins is going to keep his students safe, regardless of what anti-gun Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel opines: The Clarksville school superintendent said Monday that trained teachers and staff still could be armed when school starts since he has determined that an attorney general’s opinion unfavorable to the program is “erroneous.” Superintendent […]

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Apartment manager tells tenants to lose guns or move out. Apartment board to manager: Uh, no, dummy…

Sometimes a little embarrassment is all it takes to reverse the stupidity of some policies. I’m not sure if they actually wanted to reverse the policy, but the number of lawyers leaping forward to file lawsuits pro bono probably scared the crap out the company, especially once they started doing the math on legal fees, […]

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Drama llama mamma blogger now under psychiatric watch

I’ve always had two distinct talents as a writer: I can break down complex subjects into more palatable and easier to digest “bites,” and I’ve got a fairly well-developed B.S. detector for written fallacies. That’s why I so easily debunked claimed massacres during the Iraq war from the comfort of my couch, and why when […]

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