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Sorry, Mr. Holder: Gun group donates $12K to Zimmerman’s security after AG puts a hold on his gun as evidence

Eric Holder’s Justice Department put a punitive hold on the gun Zimmerman used to defend himself against a murderous Trayvon Martin, apparently attempting to make Zimmerman a “soft target.” Yeah… how’s that working out for you, Eric? The Attorney General was perhaps unaware of the FN Five-seveN Zimmerman had purchased when Holder’s buddies in the […]

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Is Smith & Wesson going to torpedo their brand? Again?

I’m a fan of Smith & Wesson. I’ve used both the 637CT and the M&P 9C as my primary carry gun at different points, and the M&P 9 is a strong contender for my next “service” pistol. I’ve owned the M&P 15/22, and have given serious thought to other Smith & Wesson products. They make […]

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If you had a son, would he look like Shaaliver Douse, Mr. President?

Shaaliver Douse was a predator and died as one, bleeding out from a well-earned bullet to the jaw that ripped open his jugular. Douse was shot by a cop as Douse was attempting to murder a man for the second time this year. This is the gun that he used in his second—and final—attempted murder. […]

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Drama llama mamma blogger more likely a serial liar than a victim of some Walmart Bubba

Katie Vyktoriah has made some waves among the leftist media, claiming a stereotypical “Bubba” accosted her son in Walmart. As a result, every simpleton activist on the planet has rallied around her “traumatic experience.” Out of nowhere a big booming voice rang out. “THAT’S a BOY?!” The man was overly large with a bushy beard […]

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NRA opens National Sporting Arms Museum

If you’re anything like me, it hard enough getting out of Bass Pro Shops in less than half a day, and now they went and partnered with the NRA to add the National Sporting Arms Museum to their flagship store: The NRA National Sporting Arms Museum opened on Friday at a sprawling Bass Pro Shops […]

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