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NRA opens National Sporting Arms Museum

If you’re anything like me, it hard enough getting out of Bass Pro Shops in less than half a day, and now they went and partnered with the NRA to add the National Sporting Arms Museum to their flagship store: The NRA National Sporting Arms Museum opened on Friday at a sprawling Bass Pro Shops […]

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Pathetic: Bloomberg’s MAIG has to cheat to get mayors to “join” his anti-liberty group

Dishonesty. It is an inherent part of the anti-gun agenda, and as natural for them as smothering liberty. Walden, NY  (Hi Sweeney’s!) Mayor Brian Maher found this out firsthand, and then played the devil trying to get off their list of illegal mayors: I’m the mayor of Walden, NY, just starting my third term. In 2009, […]

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Journalists/public still incredibly ignorant about North Carolina’s new law legalizing suppressors for hunting

When North Carolina recently passed a gun law that expanded concealed carry rights, the law also included a provision to legalize the use of suppressors for hunting. Predictably, the ignorant and uninformed members of the general press proclaimed that the sky is falling: For decades, the closest most people got to a gun suppressor – […]

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A perfect neighbor

What I expect to be my final post on George Zimmerman has posted at PJ Media. A Perfect Neighbor? Considering George Zimmerman, Post-Circus It will likely be the last I write of him, until he saves a busload of nuns, or offs an evil warlord. Update: I was wrong. Zimmerman got pulled for speeding south […]

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Guns are for white people. Racism is for journalists.

This is just sad and pathetic, and as an American culture, I demand that we do better: There are pictures of guys with guns, gals with guns, animals with guns, ammo with guns and guns with guns. Curiously absent are pictures of black people with guns, brown people with guns or Asian people with guns. […]

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