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Oakland violence a great reminder of why you need a Neighborhood Protection Plan

The more I look at the declining state of the nation, the more the cautionary ideas espoused in A Failure of Civility make sense. Far from the “head for the hills” mentality of some survivalists, Garand and Lawson push for sheltering in place as a community, establishing what they call “Neighborhood Protection Plans” (NPP) to […]

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Rifles for Doomsday Castle

My trip to Doomsday Castle, was an interesting experience. We got to learn about the cast, and spent the better part of the day learning the castle layout and getting a little bit of a grasp of the terrain of the mountain around it. I had a lot to think about on the drive home, […]

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This “prepper” road trip just got a little too real

  After a five-hour drive, I’m unwinding in a hotel room at an undisclosed location in western South Carolina (or is that southern West Carolina? Maybe southwestern North Carolina?), preparing to go visit the site of National Geographic Channel’s new series, Doomsday Castle, tomorrow. I fire up my laptop to see what I’ve missed when […]

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Gun safety: always follow the four rules, even after a tornado

Front and center on the cover of right now is a photo of two men cleaning up from the Moore, OK tornado. They’re running a risk of adding to the storm’s bodycount. The man on the right of the photo is handing a scoped rifle to the man on the left, with the barrel […]

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Prayers for Moore

As a kid, I saw the devastation left by the ¾-mile wide EF4 that struck near my home during the Carolina’s Outbreak in 1984. It was, on a very real level, too much for my mind to comprehend. I cannot even begin to fathom the destruction left by the more-than-a-mile-wide tornado that leveled much of […]

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