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Idiots: Everyone knows you use Instagram to plot domestic terrorism.

These moron think that “op-sec” is a couple of aisles over from the Jim Beam: Three Georgia men were charged in federal court this week with plotting an attack against the government designed to trigger martial law and encourage other militias to join their violent uprising. Brian Edward Cannon, Cory Robert Williamson and Terry Eugene […]

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I swear, you write one little post on how to bring down the electrical grid and you never hear the end of it…

More than a year ago I wrote Shock the System, a brief description of the inherent fragility of the electrical grid. I thought nothing about it at the time, as the information I’d posted was common knowledge to anyone who had ever worked even on the fringes of public utilities, and attacking these systems has […]

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Electrical grid attack in Arkansas

Someone has been a bad boy. I’m not sure what the perpetrator is doing beyond what is described in the article that suggests he or she has “‘above-average’ electrical skills.” Then again, FBI  assuredly isn’t telling CNN everything.

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Interesting power outage in San Francisco

I keep an eye out on the power grid in the San Jose/San Francisco area ever since someone went through the trouble of conducting a raid to knock out a substation and nearby fiber optic cable  in April. Several months later I was informed by a contact that authorities were very worried about the incident. […]

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Were progressives sent real ricin? Or bean mash from fertilizer?

According to Wikipedia, ricin is a highly toxic poison that can kill in very small amounts: Ricin/ˈraɪsɪn/, from the castor oil plantRicinus communis, is a highly toxic, naturally occurring carbohydrate-binding protein of the type known as lectins. A dose the size of a few grains of table salt can kill an adult human.[1] The median […]

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