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Citing anonymous Obama Admin official, CNN asserts pressure cooker bombs come from “extreme right-wing individuals”

The mainstream media simply can’t seem to help itself. Despite the unimpeachable, documented facts that all recent terror plots within the past 1-2 years were tied to left-wing extremists (Occupy Cleveland bridge bomb plot, attempted FRC mass murder) or Muslim terrorists, CNN’s Tim Lister and Paul Cruickshank are still trying to assert that conservatives are […]

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Shock the system? Electrical grid, comms attacked near San Jose

Many have tried to warn authorities of the fragility of of the electric grid’s substations including Herschel Smith and myself. Now someone in California seems to have taken it upon themselves to prove the theory, and then some: California energy officials urged people in the South Bay to cut back on power use Tuesday after […]

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Criminal justice under siege in Texas

Someone or some group is at war with authorities near Dallas, TX: District Attorney Mike McLelland, and his wife, Cynthia McLelland, were shot dead in their home two months after McLelland publicly vowed to track down the killer of Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse, shot dead in public on January 31. The twin killings have […]

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UCF student allegedly planned mass shooting

There was a suicide in a University of Central Florida (UCF) dorm yesterday, and the dorm was evacuated when two firearms and some sort of “IEDs” were claimed to have been found with the body. Students were allowed to return once the bomb squad removed the alleged devices. Authorities have claimed that the shooter’s name […]

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Still butt-hurt over Dorner’s suicide

Uncle’s still mad that I called radical libertarians “morally repulsive” for wanting to give Dorner another chance at a final blaze of glory on his terms, where he might manage to make another cop’s wife into a widow. I’ve arrived at the conclusion that we’re simply going to disagree, strongly, over whether or nor the […]

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