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FAST AND FURIOUS: Under the Radar and Above the Law

Fleming “Tex” Fuller is a documentary filmmaker that I’ve had the chance to speak to on numerous occasions, and he’s completing a damning documentary on Operation Fast and Furious. I just got off the phone with him, and he’s released a trailer of his latest documentary FAST AND FURIOUS: Under the Radar and Above the […]

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Doing the job American journalists won’t do

Univision is going to make things ugly for the Obama Administration, especially when they remind Americans that the 16 teenagers murdered with Obama administration-provided weapons are just an handful of a bodycount exceeding 302 known victims.

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DOJ IG: White House “made it impossible” to follow Fast and Furious leads

From the beginning, it has been apparent that Operation Fast and Furious and it’s fellow gun-walking plots through the the ATF, were, along with foreign military sales through DOD and a massive increase in direct commercial sales through State, part of a larger and broader plan to increase gun violence in the United States and […]

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Only 4 years in: Univision becomes first non-Fox domestic media outlet to question Obama on his constant record of utter failure

Drudge is loving this. The simple fact of the matter is that Barack Obama has never faced significant scrutiny, and when he is asked simple, logical and non-scripted questions, he collapses like a tax-payer-funded green energy company. It didn’t take long to catch Obama making outright, demonstrable lies. Pressed about Operation Fast and Furious (which […]

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Blame Bush? Not this time

As it turns out, many of the most deplorable aspects of Operation Wide Receiver occurred on Barack Obama’s watch.

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