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Making a mountain out of an molehill

I saw that both The Truth About Guns and Western Rifle Shooters Association decided to weigh in on an article about an Appleseed event up in New York, reported at¬†While the reporter seemed refreshed and relatively impressed with what she saw (no easy feat just outside the heart of deep-blue New York City), both […]

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Range time this weekend

It’s been too long, but I’ll be back on the line in Ramseur this weekend. Anyone coming?

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AA Optics/Vortex Appleseed in Richmond, IN

The guys in Indiana know how to throw an Appleseed. Alan Alcorn of A & A Optics is hosting a special event at their range for a Vortex supported Appleseed weekend August 31-Sept 1. Vortex and A & A Optics are giving away ten Vortex scopes as door prizes: Viper PST 2.5-10×32 FFP with ebr-1 […]

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Don’t just sit there…

One of my favorite photographers, Oleg Volk, also knows his way around a pen. He’s authored a article on shooting positions that any aspiring rifleman would benefit from reading.

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Atterbury Appleseed After Action Report (AAR)

Several weeks ago I helped to promote the June 15-16 Camp Atterbury Appleseed, a known-distance Appleseed where Wolf Arms brought thousands of rounds of ammunition for the 69 shooters, and IWI and Mach1 brought some very nice hardware for shooters to try out.

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