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Where is all the rimfire ammo?

A friend turned me on to WeaponsMan blog as a guy who really knows his stuff, and I’ve very much inclined to agree with his opinion, based upon what I’ve read thus far. I’ve been having some interesting conversations with various people about ammunition in the past couple of weeks (a million here, a few […]

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Appleseed in Ramsuer this weekend.

I’m heading out to instruct at an Appleseed in Ramseur again this weekend. It is my first Appleseed after learning that this Presidential Administration has used the considerable power of the Executive Branch for at least two years in what must be referred to as the “Tea Party Plot.” The ATF, EPA, FBI, IRS, and […]

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Kick-ass Appleseed in Indiana in June

I’ve really go to get off my butt and see if I can’t start arranging some cool sponsored Appleseed events like these guys are putting together. Seriously… how do you top a full distance Appleseed, free ammo, and a chance to shoot the some of latest and greatest firearms on the market? This is the […]

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This! Is! Sparta! (Illinois)

Appleseed is growing some great relationships, from the Liberty Training Rifleā„¢ developed with Marlin, to shoots sponsored at and with major shooting sports companies and suppliers. There is going to be an Appleseed on June 29th & 30th at the World Shooting & Recreational Complex in Sparta, IL held in conjunction with partner Cabela’s that […]

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‘Take good care of the children’

In states across the nation this weekend, hundreds of men and women are working the firing lines of shooting ranges. They are demonstrating positions, correcting trigger squeeze and sight alignment issues, and teaching “talking targets.” They’re also telling the story of the thousands of decisions made on an cool April morning in individual homes and […]

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