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Huge Appleseed weekend coming up… Are you representing your family and Republic?

The Revolutionary War Veteran’s Association (RWVA) runs Appleseed and Libertyseed events year-round, touching all 50 states. The biggest event of the year for us is always the April event commemorating the anniversary of April 19, 1775.  It was on that day that Colonial militiamen stepped out on a cool, dark April morning in the pre-dawn […]

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Pardon me while I thaw

This was a special weekend at Appleseed for me in Ramsuer. It is the anniversary of my first Appleseed, a blogger-shoot in Ramsuer in March of last year. It is also the weekend I earned a coveted “red hat” full instructor rating, which takes a bit of work. The shooters this weekend were excellent. Despite […]

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Off to the range for the weekend

This is going to be a fun, if stressful, Appleseed weekend in Ramsuer. I’m doing most, if not all of the instruction tomorrow. That means I’m demoing prone position with a loop sling, sitting position with a Hasty sling, standing position with a loop sling, the I M C presentation, the COF for the Red […]

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RWVA Calls For April To Be Recognized As ‘Patriots Month’

Ammoland has the details.

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Inside Appleseed

I talk about the Appleseed Project a bit, but I know there are many folks out there that don’t yet understand what the program is about. Luckily, one of the instructors in North Dakota put together a mini-documentary that gives gives a pretty decent idea of what our events look like from the inside.

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