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Apartment manager tells tenants to lose guns or move out. Apartment board to manager: Uh, no, dummy…

Sometimes a little embarrassment is all it takes to reverse the stupidity of some policies. I’m not sure if they actually wanted to reverse the policy, but the number of lawyers leaping forward to file lawsuits pro bono probably scared the crap out the company, especially once they started doing the math on legal fees, […]

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Sorry, Mr. Holder: Gun group donates $12K to Zimmerman’s security after AG puts a hold on his gun as evidence

Eric Holder’s Justice Department put a punitive hold on the gun Zimmerman used to defend himself against a murderous Trayvon Martin, apparently attempting to make Zimmerman a “soft target.” Yeah… how’s that working out for you, Eric? The Attorney General was perhaps unaware of the FN Five-seveN Zimmerman had purchased when Holder’s buddies in the […]

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Is Smith & Wesson going to torpedo their brand? Again?

I’m a fan of Smith & Wesson. I’ve used both the 637CT and the M&P 9C as my primary carry gun at different points, and the M&P 9 is a strong contender for my next “service” pistol. I’ve owned the M&P 15/22, and have given serious thought to other Smith & Wesson products. They make […]

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What role will suppressors play in hunting in North Carolina? Not nearly enough.

North Carolina just made hunting with suppressed firearms legal, and the usual suspects have gotten the vapors, convinced that assassins will now lurk around every corner, and that poachers will pick the woods clean. Of course, neither fear is founded in reality. While suppressors have long been legal under federal law in North Carolina, the […]

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PA shooter kills three, wounds two before being taken down

This is Rockne Newell. He’s a 59-year-old bum, and while he’s unable to clean his property either fiscally or physically, he has enough money for multiple firearms and ammunition, and plenty of strength to go on a murderous rampage. A man feuding with officials in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains over conditions at his ramshackle, trash-filled property […]

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