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Not so very long ago, there was a species of human screech owl. No, it’s true! I remember them vividly. The champion specimen of the species resided on a ditchbank near Crawford, Texas. The call of this creature was never pretty, and yet, the media broadcast it incessantly. Over a number of months, the human […]

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Responsible journalism is collapsing to the cult of “Now.”

It’s been less than 96 hours since a pair of homemade bombs—at least one of which was manufactured from a pressure cooker—detonated near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Three people including a child have died, and scores were seriously injured. An impatient, serve-me-now culture is now obsessed with getting a suspect—any suspect, it […]

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Citing anonymous Obama Admin official, CNN asserts pressure cooker bombs come from “extreme right-wing individuals”

The mainstream media simply can’t seem to help itself. Despite the unimpeachable, documented facts that all recent terror plots within the past 1-2 years were tied to left-wing extremists (Occupy Cleveland bridge bomb plot, attempted FRC mass murder) or Muslim terrorists, CNN’s Tim Lister and Paul Cruickshank are still trying to assert that conservatives are […]

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Liars on parade

Never let a tragedy go to waste. Pump up the fear, the horror, the gore, the loss and the tragedy. Keep it fresh. Keep it raw. Personalize it. Maximize the public trauma and human cost, exploit the victims and their families. There’s profit in them thar tears. You’ve got ad blocks and column inches to […]

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CBS News continues to hope Boston bomb suspect can be tied to the Tea Party

There has never been a Tea Party terrorist, ever. In fact, Tea Party events are well known for being extremely orderly and polite. The conservative movement has even gained a reputation of leaving the site of protests cleaner than the venue was when they arrived. The “persons of interest” for this Boston Marathon bombing that […]

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