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According to Associated Press, Newtown gunman was equipped with tiny shotgun with 6-foot tall magazines

I never knew a gun safe was part of an arsenal, but then, I never knew a shotgun that could fit in a glovebox could use 70-round magazines. Sedensky says Lanza killed all 26 victims inside Sandy Hook Elementary School with a Bushmaster .223-caliber rifle before taking his own life with a Glock 10 mm […]

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NY Times editorialist Joe Nocera deceives readers about ‘smart gun’ technology

I’ve read a lot of ignorant things on the editorial pages of the New York Times—after all, they employ Paul Krugman and David Brooks—but I’m forced to wonder if they’ve given up on even the illusion of self-respect, now that I’ve read this howler from Joe Nocera: So why can’t we childproof guns? In an […]

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Polishing a turd: Hickenlooper lies, suggests new CO gun control laws will prevent suicides

When human beings make a mistake, and know they are making a mistake, they attempt to rationalize their decision. Most of the time, these justifications are shallow and nonsensical. Here’s a perfect example: When Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper signed into law sweeping new restrictions on firearms this week, he cited the prevention of suicides by […]

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UCF suicide had .22 knock-off; UK media gets it right, US polimedia claims “assault rifle.”

The polimedia in the United States is attempting to gin up hysteria to pass gun control laws by labeling everything from a .22 to an umbrella an “assault rifle.” Yesterday, I expressed doubts about the “assault rifle” found at the scene of a University of Central Florida (UCF) suicide, noting that the rifle they claimed […]

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“…limits on bullets in gun cartridges”

It’s impossible to take an editorialist like the Baltimore Sun’s Jules Whitcover seriously when his ignorance of his subject matter is so clearly on display: But while he has already endorsed the ban, the background checks and limits on bullets in gun cartridges, Mr. Obama’s emphasis again seemed to be on achieving a vote on […]

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