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PEO Soldier flunks all competing rifles, faces protests… and misses the big picture

I simply shock my head when the Army’s PEO Soldier program sank all eight Individual Carbine entrants. I suspect many (or more likely, all) of the submitted rifles were a dramatic improvement over the existing M4 carbine, even those that were merely a piston upgrade on a M4 lower. It now looks like the Army […]

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What we remember

It is important to honor those who died at war defending our liberty. It’s sometimes hard to do that, however, for those who haven’t personally known someone who died under those circumstances. For far too many who have served during wartime, they can fill pages with a list of the names of those they knew, […]

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Disposable Heroes: Veterans with traumatic brain injuries are being stripped of benefits, thrown out on the street by the Obama Administration

The realities of modern 4th generation warfare sees heavily armed and armored American soldiers with generally excellent logistical and medical support (compared to previous wars) in contact with often stateless and uniformless enemy forces, who have adapted their tactics away from small arms to focus more on IED ambushes. That of course is a gross […]

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“Swear to me!”

Epic… for a military PSA. Bagram Batman has tackled the mundane with flair, with public safety announcements ranging from normal military stuff like making sure soldiers carry their weapons (above), to stopping criminal acts, like vehicle theft (below). They soldier playing the bad guy is a hoot as well.

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Cops: Obama’s gun control fetish will make America more dangerous

The bloody-shirt waving fascist in the White House is going to make the United States more dangerous with the unconstitutional gun control he’s pushing on Capitol Hill. Don’t take my word for it. Listen to the results of the largest poll ever taken of cops on guns. “Contrary to what the mainstream media and certain […]

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