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Left-wing agi-prop blog Raw Story fabricates use of M-4 in PA shooting

Left-wing agi-prop blog Raw Story has developed a reputation over the years as being less than credible, and they added to that reputation today by fabricating the use of an “military-style M4 assault rifle” into a Pennsylvania bar shooting, making the claim in the story titled Half-naked man with assault rifle shoots up bar, killing […]

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Bastogne sniper still the master of all he surveys

At Appleseed events, we tell the story of “dangerous old men,” some of the aged veterans of King George’s War (1744-48) and the French and Indian War (1754-63), who turned out to fight on April 19, 1775. Despite their silvering hair and wrinkled skin, these veterans sent many a Redcoat to meet his maker that […]

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Improvised weapons in modern combat

Deny a rebel force sufficient arms and artillery, and they soon begin to improvise on their own. It’s a fascinating photo essay, showing technology from the sophomoric to the medieval to the crudely modern (World-War-era rockets aimed via smartphone). The homemade grenades like the one above are straight out of the 1700s and are probably […]

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Don’t beleive the hype on the VA letter summarily denying vets gun rights

I read the claim yesterday as it floated around the internet: How would you feel if you received a letter from the U.S. Government informing you that because of a physical or mental condition that the government says you have it is proposing to rule that you are incompetent to handle your own financial affairs? […]

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Pentagon creates “Cally of Duty” medal for XBox drone jockeys. No… I’m not joking.

Would someone please hand me one of those $600 hammers so I can wing it at Leon Panetta’s fat moronic head: Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced Wednesday that the Pentagon is creating a medal that can be awarded to troops who have a direct impact on combat operations, but do it well away from any […]

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