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Wounded Warrior Project earns Purple Heart by shoving head up own ass

I’ve seen some truly idiotic decisions in my day, but this idiocy from the Wounded Warrior Project suggests they desperately need their executive staff purged and replaced by men, not beta-male PR weanies. Update: WWP seems to be trying to extricate itself from this mess.

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On the stump, Clinton says the military is “less racist, less sexist, and less homophobic” under Obama

When I think about the military, my primary concerns are that they are getting the training, equipment, civilian support and leadership that they deserve.  Bill Clinton has other concerns of more dubious value and truthiness: “One of the things the decider-in-chief has to do is decide whether he’s going to bring this country together across […]

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Low standards

I guess it doesn’t take much to impress a journalist, especially one from a country that gave away its manhood long ago.

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Cross-border authority: The “smoking gun” that proves Obama personally ordered rescue forces to “stand down” from a Benghazi rescue mission

Barack Obama lied to you about what happened in Benghazi, my fellow Americans. He lied about the dozens of Americans he personally ordered abandoned to die. He and he alone could make the order. There is no confusion about what occurred. He’s been lying to you from day one, and he’s never, ever stopped. He […]

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Emotional interview with family of SEAL Ty Woods on Hannity

I was bawling my eyes out last night by the time this was over. We are blessed to live in a nation of such moral giants.

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