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AP misleads on ‘military ballot’ plane crash

We now know—long after the fact—that absentee ballots sent to members of the U.S. Military serving in Afghanistan may have been destroyed when a transport aircraft crashed and burned on October 19. Absentee military ballots typically trend Republican, and so this would be viewed as suspicious by some. Luckily, we have the Associated Press on […]

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Special Operations PAC hits back at Weinstein’s pro-Obama propaganda film

There’s a very simple way to describe this: real SEALs are hitting back hard against the fake ones. As the political propaganda controversy surrounding Harvey Weinstein’s “SEAL Team Six: The Raid of Osama bin Laden” continues, OPSEC (Operation Security) told to FOX411 that it will air ads in key battleground markets during its broadcast on […]

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Entire Afghan Army unit opens fire on U.S. forces, accounting for the 2,000th American death

John Lilyea brings you the horrible truth that the Obama-media cartel will not touch: So, this is how I’m hearing that the attack happened this morning. A sergeant first class and a contractor approached an ANA checkpoint and struck up a conversation with the officer in charge of the outpost. In mid-sentence, the ANA officer […]

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Fry the Brain: redefining “sniper”

I’ve spent the last few evenings getting into John West’s Fry the Brain: The Art of Urban Sniping and It’s Role in Modern Guerilla Warfare. It’s an eye-opening look at one aspect of insurgent guerilla warfare, and it focuses upon an area I’d known nothing about before, which is the art of the covert sniper. […]

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Treason at 1600: Obama denies airpower to U.S. forces in Afghanistan

A man inspired and mentored by the terrorist who plotted to bomb a non-commissioned officers dance at Fort Dix has now found his own unique way to get American soldiers killed: deny them the mobility, confine them to base, and strip away the close air support that provides the U.S. a critical advantage against an […]

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