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George Zimmerman guns down African war criminal

Duffleblog has the exclusive.

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EODerp: the tactical optic for the shoulder thing that goes up

I first saw this on pdb a few days ago and shook my head at the cluelessness. Sadly, cluelessness from even the “elite” happens more often than you would expect, and while stupidity isn’t often this obvious, I’m certain tactical officers around the nation roll-out with firearms that they are not familiar with, that they […]

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Biden YouTube parody “Buy a Shotgun”

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Company creates Obama Administration “policy” shooting targets

The folks at Freedom Outpost have discovered the development of some rather interesting targets. Looking at them, it is obvious they were designed for the Obama Administration. They’ll call this one “Punished with a baby.” Their favorite part? Two different areas on the target to practice head shots. They also have two variations of a […]

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The magical thinking behind a trillion dollar coin

New York Times economist/editorial Paul Krugman has always been viewed as being a bit “special” by many of us, and for good reason. His latest proposal, to mint a $1 trillion coin to get around the debt ceiling is just the latest in a long line of desperate coping mechanisms to avoid fiscal reality: Should […]

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