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Addressing inbreeding depression in the polimedia through remedial kinetic action (updated)

It has been a brutal week, in a Presidency that has been brutal, savage, and base. We’ve discovered that President Barack Obama personally denied cross-border authority to a force or more than 100 Recon Marines that had been launched to help a large number of American diplomats and CIA operatives that had been attacked in […]

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Obama Admin to sue National Weather Service for voter suppression caused by ‘Frankenstorm’ Sandy

Bolstered by the recent manslaughter convictions of seven Italian scientists who failed to predict an earthquake that took more than three hundred lives, the Voting Rights Division of the Department of Justice is preparing a case against the National Weather Service for steering Hurricane Sandy towards vulnerable, heavily Democratic areas in the northeastern United States […]

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Trump Bombshell: Eh-Bama?

Birther Donald Trump says he has a bombshell to drop on the Obama campaign. It’s my guess that he’s going to point out that the Dunham family was from Washington State before Hawaii, and then claim that a pregnant Stanley Dunham was shipped home, and then north into Canada during the end of her pregnancy […]

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Epic mockery: Charlie Rangel edition AK

The NY Daily News howls. Well done, Mississippi Auto Arms. I laugh, especially considering a Bloomberg edition could be next. I do hope they remember to use the official Bloomberg Collection colors.

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Obama’s changes

Someone needs to talk to Mrs. Crowder about the pants.

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