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The best CMR scope I’ve ever baked with

I’m going to go waaaaay out on a limb and guess that Amazon’s database is just a wee bit off. The product description boasts capabilities that other optics manufacturers simply can’t hope to match. Sure, that Nightforce may cost four times as much and be darn near bomb proof, but let’s see it come up […]

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LMFAO: Sexy and I know it, PoW edition

A little something to enjoy with your lunch. You can thank Cassy for that.

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RT: Bin Laden not buried at sea

Seriously, is Russia Today the last site on the planet that didn’t know the whole burial-at-sea thing was a complete ruse, and that we brought back the body of Osama Bin Laden for autopsy, mockery, and eventual desecration? He was interred just a few weeks ago, as a matter of fact, in rural eastern North […]

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SMOD suspends campaign until 2040

Sure, the Mayans and a lot of other folks seem to think that Sweet Meteor of Death is a shoo-in for the GOP nomination and others think he’s fair better as a third party candidate in 2012. After looking at the field and the circumstances, however, SMOD has suspended his campaign until 2040, where he […]

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LOL… why?

I’ve been kicking around an idea for a picatinny-rail mounted AR-15 foregrip for a couple of weeks now, but haven’t committed any ideas to to Sketchup just yet because I didn’t know if there was a market for another AR-15 accessory. I obviously underestimated the market.

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