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So this is what happened when I get bored

The interwebs get blowed up. Thanks, Twitchy.

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Who are your favorite gun bloggers?

The shooting sports community in this nation is more than a 110 million strong, and I am sure there are thousands of good gun bloggers out there I simply haven’t come across yet. Who are some of your favorites?

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No longer government approved

It seems the Obama Department of Defense (or at least the military censors in Afghanistan) doesn’t much like advocates for the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and those subversive “Founding Fathers.” This was sent to me by a reader. I find it hilarious that after being allowed on Department of Defense computers worldwide since 2004 […]

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CNC killed the gun control star

You may have noticed my complete lack of posting about Cody Wilson and his printed gun technology. The reason for that is simple: it’s a gimmick. Sure, printed guns can work, but the question is inevitably “how long?” When it comes to the catastrophic failure of the thermoplastics used in the construction of the barrels […]

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Limited posting until further notice

I’ve tried to keep this blog compartmentalized. Apart from the occasional anecdote or relevant items from my volunteering at Appleseed or the garden I’m trying to grow, I don’t talk much about about my life, and that’s by design. I’m making an exception today to explain why my posting here will necessarily stop or at […]

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