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Even Obama refers to liberal bloggers as “tin-foil hat crowd.”

I had my fun mocking the liberal bloggers in denial over the fact that Mitt Romney cleaned Barack Obama’s clock at the first 2012 Presidential Debate in Denver. They couldn’t imagine the Greatest President Of All Time and Healer of All Inequities could have fallen so low without some sort of nefarious behavior, and imagined […]

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Easy come, Farago

I could deal with the ego and the occasional bit of content borrowing (probably because the content being borrowed wasn’t mine), but there comes a point where continued pattern of boorish behavior simply becomes too much to overlook.

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Vague threat or opportunity for patriotism? You decide!

Almost two years ago, I wrote a little story for PJ Media entitled: Felons Can’t Own Guns. So How Did This Guy Acquire Three … Gun Companies? The subject of the story, Greenboro’s own Lee Franklin Booth, got quite irritated with me over the story, and threatened both me and PJ Media with legal action. After […]

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Capital One’s Alec Baldwin’s War on Women Continues

It was bad enough when he verbally abused his own kid, but Alec Baldwin is now calling a female navy veteran an “oil whore.”  He then goes on to explain why he thinks our veterans are fighting and dying for oil companies, a disgusting and vulgar thought nonetheless common among dim-witted Hollywood leftists. Did I […]

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TTAG: How to get killed in a home invasion

I know that a lot of gun bloggers carry a lot of animosity towards The Truth About Guns, and they have their reasons for the way they feel. For the most part, I’ve found the site’s content entertaining and often well written. Then I made the mistake of reading Nick Leghorn’s Self Defense Tip: Don’t […]

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