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“…if that’s what you believe, then all of this talk of revolution suddenly doesn’t seem so crazy, it seems almost mandatory.”

For some reason, I just don’t get juiced by the idea of listening to an hour long podcast from an economist, but I’m glad that Ed Driscoll did. He transcribed the part where Glenn Reynolds, law professor at the University of Tennessee and blogger of Instapundit fame, dropped the boom on the socialist supporters of […]

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Facebook censors SEALs to protect Obama

I’ve been toying with the idea of deleting my Facebook account for months, having paired down my “friends” from several hundred people (many of which I’d never met in real life) down to just 51. If most of those 51 weren’t family, I would have already shut down my account… and I still might. The […]

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Web advertising is killing web communication

Imagine opening your Sunday paper, turning to the front page, and then having a subscription form fly in out of nowhere to block all items on the page from view. Imagine opening your favorite magazine, only to have a television ad suddenly start blaring at you, weighing the magazine down and making it twice as […]

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Even Obama refers to liberal bloggers as “tin-foil hat crowd.”

I had my fun mocking the liberal bloggers in denial over the fact that Mitt Romney cleaned Barack Obama’s clock at the first 2012 Presidential Debate in Denver. They couldn’t imagine the Greatest President Of All Time and Healer of All Inequities could have fallen so low without some sort of nefarious behavior, and imagined […]

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Easy come, Farago

I could deal with the ego and the occasional bit of content borrowing (probably because the content being borrowed wasn’t mine), but there comes a point where continued pattern of boorish behavior simply becomes too much to overlook.

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