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Damn. Another one. RIP Carroll “Neptunus Lex” LeFon

I heard the rumors yesterday, but this makes it official enough. Susan Katz Keating pays a fitting tribute to one of my favorite milbloggers. Godspeed.

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RockMelt: finally, a web browser with ADD

The in-house web development shop I work for is one of the sharpest groups of folks with whom I’ve ever worked.¬† We always keeping an eye on the latest technologies, since they can become the new standard almost overnight. Last Friday someone stumbled across a minor web browser most of us had not heard of […]

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A Breitbart tribute: in their faces, every day

Like many people, I’m still in shock over Andrew Breitbart’s death. He was a “happy warrior” that understood the culture war better than almost anyone, and became iconic in a remarkably short amount of time. Andrew was also the loving husband and father that leaves behind a young widow and four small children. I don’t […]

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Obama Adminstration still dodging responsibility for 300+ dead in Operation Fast and Furious. Media still refuses to ask the hard questions that would see Admin officials indicted for felonies

In a February 6 post at Pajamas Media I asked three questions about Operation Fast and Furious. The leftist media politically allied with the President still refuses to ask these same obvious questions or demand accountability for the most deadly political scandal in the history of the United States. I openly challenge the New York […]

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RIP Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012)

Andrew Breitbart died of natural causes at his home shortly after midnight last night. I’m stunned, and simply don’t have the words right now. My condolences and prayers fly to his wife and four children. Update: Don’t shy away from the hate being directed at Andrew Breitbart by the left today. He was great. They […]

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