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Want to keep track of your gun inventory? There’s an app for that.

I don’t have an iOS device so I can’t make use of it, or even try to out, but I like the concept.

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So there is a new gun site that claims to be “a true social networking community and an unrivaled firearms resource directory” for shooters. It seems their claims-to-fame so far include: trashing gun bloggers for being gun bloggers, instead of spending their time ginning up poorly-coded, slow-loading fake social media sites breaking out the kneepads […]

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PJ Media guns for a Pulitzer

Shockingly enough, I was not involved. All kidding aside I think that they should win the Pulitzer based upon the strength of the reporting, but suspect they have roughly the same chance of winning (as a conservative-leaning media entity) as I do being on next year’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition cover.

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In which Dan Riehl fails to tell the difference between a man and a movement

I tend to generally like Dan, so don’t lump me in with his general detractors. That allowed, claiming that you either support Rick Santorum or you aren’t a real conservative is one of the most idiotic claims I’ve heard in a long time. If you insist that Rick Santorum is un-electable at this point, but […]

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How to torpedo your brand without really trying

I didn’t know the name “Paul Helinski” until yesterday, until just about every other gun blogger on the Internet took offense to his comments on the SHOT show blog. Heliniski began: I think your link explains your argument Tony.  But if you had to deal with it from not just our perspective, but also the […]

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